Leah Sadeghi, lpcC

therapist Candidate

who I work with:

You are someone who is dealing with a chronic physical or mental health condition, or a caregiver for someone with a chronic medical illness. You may be experiencing stress, burnout, anxiety or depression. You may lack time to take care of yourself and may even struggle knowing what you need or want to better care for yourself. You may be looking for ways to build healthy boundaries and improve relationships with your loved ones, while finding the balance of your own personal well-being. You want to find trust in your body’s ability to heal and power yourself to live a life free from the weight of illness. 

How therapy can help you:

Therapy offers the opportunity for some much needed focus on you, a place to be heard, understood and supported. I will support you in increasing your own self-care and identifying your own needs and wants so you can be a more effective, supportive caregiver yourself. Together we can work towards finding the balance you desire and making you a priority, while honoring your commitments to others. And if your own health is an issue, I can provide psychoeducation about the benefits of nutrition and its impact on our mental and physical health, while also honoring your struggles, fears and uncertainty. Together we can access your strengths and find the tools that best support and improve your well-being. 

about me:

I believe in holding space for my clients, providing them a safe place to share their thoughts and feelings, while helping them to access insight and make desired changes. My professional experience has been primarily in Community Mental Health, working with a wide variety of clients and conditions. I have a passion for Mental Health Nutrition and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, holding certifications in both. I also have over 20 years experience as a legal Guardian and Conservator for a family member. I am a native Coloradoan, living all around the Denver area and in Grand Junction over the years. When I’m not working, I enjoy landscape photography, hiking, camping, going to concerts, traveling and spending time with my family.

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