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begin your 5-Day Self-Care Challenge!

Start Learning How to Practice Daily Self-Care
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What is Self-Care?

Most likely ​you've heard the term self-care before. But you're not exactly sure what it means, nor how self-care can be helpful for you. Perhaps you're not feeling great, or have lost your motivation to do things. Or you're too stressed, or sad, or worried and are having problems focusing and getting things done. You know you want to feel better but you're not sure where to start. Self-care is a basic building block for better emotional well-being and mental health, and learning how to prioritize your own self-care is an excellent start on your journey to rediscovering your everyday joy.

The 5-Day Self-Care Challenge

Over the next 5 days, we'll teach you the basics of self-care while giving you one do-able challenge task a day. You'll get an email sent directly to your inbox early every morning, so you'll have the rest of the day to accomplish your daily self-care challenge. Each self-care challenge covers a different area of self-care so that you get introduced to several different ways to make a difference in your life today.

Whose Idea Is This Anyways?

This self-care challenge was created by a mental health professional for people like you. We understand the struggle of trying to find time for yourself in today's busy world, and we know how difficult it is to try something new, especially when you're not feeling great about yourself right now. This 5-Day Self-Care Challenge will get you moving on your path of becoming your best self!

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