harmonize your

work-life balance

what is work-life balance?

The term “work-life balance” is a bit deceiving, as it implies that we can always balance our work and life equally. In reality, however, work-life balance for most of us means an acceptable way to give our best with both our career and our personal, or family, life. This “balance” may change on a daily basis and will likely continue to evolve.

Two fundamental concepts of work-life balance are a sense of Achievement and a sense of Connection. If we have achievement and connection both in our careers and in our personal or family lives, that is when we feel our work and life are adequately balanced.

Trying to navigate the challenges of balancing your work obligations with your personal or family life may seem problematic and even, at times, impossible. You try to give your all to both your job and your partner/spouse/children, and then there’s nothing left for you. When you start to lose yourself in the mix, is when various other symptoms start to pop up and settle in.

Work-life balance issues may present themselves as increased anxiety, depression, stress, or possibly even problems with alcohol or drugs. There is no one way that work-life balance issues presents in people. One person may have a mood change, being much more irritable than normal, and another may simply isolate and withdraw. When others around you notice that you are “off” or “seem stressed” or even encourage you to take a mental health day off from work, you may be experiencing work-life balance issues.

Do any of these symptoms of having work-life balance issues describe you?

  • Excessive worry about work

  • Fatigue/more tired than normal

  • Difficulty concentrating on just one task, or constantly multi-tasking

  • Arguments with your partner/spouse/significant other about work

  • Having difficulty sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night

  • Eating more or less than normal or binging on junk foods

  • Feeling worthless, like you can never measure up to expectations

  • Work hours are increasing as is your stress level

  • Spending less time with family/partner/spouse

  • Feeling hopeless about how you’re going to manage everything

  • Starting to resent your job due to its high demands

  • Being unable to focus/be present with your family when not at work

Many people describe feeling like they are drowning in their work and not being able to focus on family time. Work-life balance issues can impact your life, your work, and your relationships in many ways. Perhaps your coworkers are noticing that you are working more and more hours, while your family is taking the brunt of you not being at home. While there is no one answer about the “best” way to balance your job and your family, there are some things you can do to manage both Achievement and Connection in all your life spheres.

work-life balance facts

According to a work-life balance study:

  • 94% of service professionals put in 50+ hours per week at work

  • 28% of workers start their day before 8:30 AM (and 5% start before 7 AM)

  • 40% of people use their computers after 10 PM

  • 26% of work is done outside of normal working hours

  • Workers average at least 1 hour of work outside of working hours on 89 days/year (and on ~50% of all weekend days)

  • 40.1% of our day is spent multitasking with communication tools


When we lose our work-life balance, everything and everyone become affected.


People with work-life balance issues may also have associated anxiety, depression, and possibly even alcohol and drug abuse. By examining and redefining your values and how you achieve them, the therapists at Catalyss Counseling help you find both Achievement and Connection in your job and your personal life. Work-life balance issues are very treatable. At Catalyss Counseling, we can help you Harmonize Your Work-Life Balance.

work-life balance treatment

with catalyss counseling

You may not even realize you are having work-life balance issues, but you know something isn’t right and it’s affecting your job, yourself, and your family in addition to yourself. We will explore your own unique job and family situation and help you understand how work life balance issues are impacting you. We will provide you with strategies to cope with your stress, manage your time effectively, and even have time for yourself. We will help you find Achievement and Connection everywhere in your life.

Many people with work-life balance issues also have anxiety (LINK) or depression (LINK), and possibly even some alcohol or drug abuse (LINK). Because it is difficult to treat these issues separately, at Catalyss Counseling we specialize in treating the whole person at one time. We coordinate closely with other medical professionals in the community and work together as a treatment team. We use evidence-based treatments to assess your symptoms, identify the impact they are having on your life, give you coping skills to manage your stress, and guide you toward a healthy work-life balance. This results in better social and family relationships, less work-related stress, and increased self-care. The process of therapy can be difficult at times, but we strive to make it as easy on you as possible by connecting with you and identifying your needs, wants and goals to make lasting change in your life. We empower you to make the changes in your life that you want to see. The end result of therapy for work-life balance issues at Catalyss Counseling is to Harmonize Your Work-Life Balance.

does therapy work?

Therapy and lasting change take time and commitment. While therapy isn’t often easy, you get out of it what you put in. If you come in with honesty, trust in the process, and a willingness to change, you can expect to see lasting results.

Therapy and treatment for your work-life balance issues at Catalyss Counseling can help you Harmonize Your Work-Life Balance. Our therapists specialize in treating work-life balance issues, and we know that therapy does help. If you’d like to speak to someone more about how we treat work-life balance issues, contact us today for a free 20-minute phone consultation, or you can book directly online with the therapist of your choice.