Christina Titcomb, LCSW

therapist/Clinical Social Worker
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who i work with:


As a millennial, you are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship issues or feeling the need to be perfect. Growing up in your generation has brought you many opportunities but also many expectations and options that can be overwhelming, so overwhelming at times that you may feel like you’re losing hope. Especially if you are a helper like a nurse, teacher, or other healthcare professional who gives so much of yourself to others, you may end up feeling empty and drained, slipping further away from who you are and who you want to be. You want therapy to help you with healthier relationships, a happier mood, better work-life balance, and a lighter outlook on life.

How therapy can help you:

Counseling can provide you with a safe place to sit with your thoughts or organize your chaotic mind. Because you are so busy, taking time out for yourself can seem like a luxury but in reality, the dedicated time you have with your therapist can help you focus on what you need, desire, and want at this time in your life. I can help you gain insight about your thoughts and increase your connection to your feelings in a way that will help you live your best life, and by working together you will learn to quiet your mind while still fulfilling your purpose in life. With empathy and compassion, I can help you find the relief you didn’t know you needed. Therapy is simply giving you the best tools to be successful in life.

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about me:

I help individuals achieve balance and fulfillment in their lives by building off your own strengths and learning new ways to manage your tough emotions and racing thoughts. I encourage change through empowerment through learning new skills, goal-setting, and personal growth. My volunteer work with First Responders during community disasters and with those in hospice settings has grown my desire to work with helpers and give back to my community. In addition, my experience in community mental health working with individuals in crisis situations to help manage their anxiety and depression has taught me to meet you where you are at to come up with a plan together to achieve your goals. I am a Colorado native and have lived in Colorado most of my life. I love being outdoors, playing with my dogs and spending time with my family and friends as often as I can. 

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