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Schools and Licenses:


Grinnell College

B.A. in Psychology, 1997

University of Denver

M.S.M. in Organizational Training and Development, 2002

Regis University

M.A. in Counseling, 2005

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) 2007

Certified Addictions Counselor Level III (CAC III), 2008

Shannon Heers, LPC, CACIII

owner and therapist

I believe that people come to counseling in order to change something; to change themselves, their behavior, or their perceptions of situations, and most importantly, to feel better. Change takes mindful thought, practice, and, at times, guided direction. I emphatically believe that you can feel better or make the change you want to in your life, and I've helped many people do this. 

Theoretical Approach to therapy and Change:

Change requires commitment and hard work, and that is why therapy is so hard. I believe it's not a sprint to heal, but more similar to running a marathon to make lasting, effective change. It is not easy to replace habits or thinking processes that you have honed over many years or even perhaps your lifetime to date. I try to find out what you want to change or how you want to feel better, and work with you as a partner to make this happen in a safe and supportive environment. 

Experience and Training:

I have over 20 years’ experience as a clinician in the mental health field. I have specific training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for use in anxiety and depression, in Motivational Interviewing for use in alcohol and drug use, and in Grief and Loss for use in divorce, death of a loved one, pet loss, or any other significant loss. In addition, my background in management offers a unique perspective to those that are experiencing work stress and feeling like you're in the middle of everything, trying to please everyone.

personal background:

I have made Colorado my home for over half my life, and I am deeply inspired by the nature surrounding us. I spend my time outside of work with my family, including my two young children, and being in the mountains whenever I can. I decided to become a therapist after feeling the impact stress and work had on my emotions and work-life balance. I hope to share what I have learned to help provide a better, more fulfilling life for you!

schedule with Shannon:

If you are overwhelmed with life, your family, or your job, and want to make a change in how you are living, contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation, or book directly online now. Therapy can be effective for you and can help make lasting changes in how you want to live, work, and be in this world.