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Concerns I Treat:

  • Anxiety

  • High Achieving/Perfectionism

  • Pregnancy

  • Postpartum Anxiety/Depression

  • Grief and Loss

  • Work Stress

  • Parenting Stress

  • Men's Issues

Shannon Heers, LPC, LMHC, CAs, ACS


who I work with:

My passion is working with high-level professionals, pregnant or postpartum moms, and parents to help you manage your stress, anxiety, and grief. You are trying to balance your job with your personal life and most days you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and like you’ll never be yourself again. Or as a new mom you are feeling emotions you never thought you’d be having after your baby was born, such as depression, feeling lost or empty, or excessive anxiety that you are getting buried under. You may even want to run away from everything despite cherishing your loved ones and having built up a solid career. When your life balance is out of whack, you and your family are the ones that suffer. I can help you feel more in control of yourself and your life, and I know how to get you started on this.

how therapy can help you:


You want your life to change but you’re either too mentally exhausted or you’ve tried everything to make yourself feel better, and nothing has worked. Lasting change requires commitment and hard work, but therapy can help guide your steps and offer different perspectives on your own situation. I will work with you to change negative or anxious thinking patterns, understand and process your grief, and help you shape your life in a way that fits you better. We will develop a plan to move forward and I will work with you as a partner to reach your goals. Together, we can bring balance and peace back into your life.

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about me:


My own experiences as a longtime professional, counselor, and mother drive my therapy work and allow me to better understand your own unique circumstances. My professional background includes working in community mental health in a variety of positions for over 15 years, and I’ve been the owner of Catalyss Counseling since 2014. After my first child I experienced postpartum mood changes resulting in uncontrolled anxiety, so I understand the emotional roller-coaster after having a baby. My two young children keep me balanced, humble, and always practicing patience. My stress relief is being outside or in the mountains, which helps me steady my emotions and remember my purpose in life.

I am licensed in both Colorado and Washington and can see clients living in either state.

schedule with Shannon:

If you are overwhelmed with life, your family, or your job, and want to make a change in how you are living, and you're ready for counseling, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us today for a free 20-minute phone consultation

  2. Or, you can book directly online with Shannon Heers

  3. Begin your journey towards a more balanced life

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