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birth trauma

what is birth trauma?

The term birth trauma can refer to different aspects of a difficult, or traumatic, birth of a child. For us, birth trauma denotes the traumatic emotional reactions that a mother may go through after a difficult birth. Perhaps an unexpected type of birth (e.g., a C-section when you were expected a “normal” delivery). Having a premature baby, experiencing a physical injury to the baby or mother during the birthing process. Or, any other birth or labor-related issues that were unexpected and traumatic for the mother. Other terms for birth trauma include perinatal PTSD or postpartum PTSD. These terms signify the same set of symptoms a mother experiences after having a traumatic birth.

When you experienced birth trauma, your expectations for your labor and delivery were likely shattered. Many women dream and visualize what their birth experience will be like. Of course, when these expectations become unfulfilled, you can have some grief over the loss of your ideal delivery. So, not only do you have grief from your birth experience, but you are also experiencing traumatic emotional responses. Any real or perceived trauma that occurs during the delivery can trigger birth trauma or postpartum PTSD.

Do any of these symptoms of birth trauma/postpartum PTSD describe you?
  • The birth of your baby elicited emotions of extreme helplessness, fear or terror

  • You and/or your child were in a life-threatening situation during the birth

  • The baby, or momma, was injured in some way during the event

  • You experienced an unplanned C-section

  • You have a history of PTSD

  • The baby is/was in the NICU following his or her birth

  • It is difficult to recall the details of the traumatic birth

  • You feel estranged or detached from others

  • The inability to feel any positive or good emotions

  • You are having trouble focusing on concentrating

  • An irritable or grouchy mood most of the time.

  • Repetitive, unwanted images or memories of your birth experience are re-occurring

  • You are having intrusive thoughts about the birth that you cannot get out of your head

  • Intense and prolonged anxiety or distress occurs when triggered by memories of the event

Having a baby can be an emotionally vulnerable time for a woman. You may be in a hospital setting and perhaps hospitals have always scared you, which only adds to your traumatic experience. In addition, during labor, we often have to be dependent on others. Such as doctors, nurses, or midwives, and you may be used to being very independent and able to take care of yourself. If you are experiencing even some of the above symptoms, you may have postpartum PTSD from your traumatic birth.

If you are experiencing postpartum PTSD symptoms and had a traumatic birth experience, there is hope. If you are having trouble bouncing back emotionally, know that postpartum PTSD is treatable. What you are experiencing is not unusual, and it can be temporary with the proper treatment. Pregnancy can be a challenging time for some women and giving birth even more difficult. Catalyss Counseling can help you process your birth trauma, put it behind you, and move forward with your life caring for your baby and family.​

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birth trauma facts:

Did you know that:  

  • Approximately 9% of women experience postpartum PTSD? That’s almost 1 in every 10 women who give birth.

  • Women who have experienced a prior trauma are at a higher risk of experiencing perinatal PTSD than those without a trauma history.

  • Postpartum PTSD can develop very rapidly following the trauma, and can fully affect you for weeks, months and even years afterwards.

  • Even if you don’t meet the full criteria for postpartum PTSD, you may have significant emotional distress or functioning problems due to the traumatic birth.

  • Birth partners can also be traumatized by the birth and go on to develop symptoms of PTSD.


Even though your birth trauma may have been out of your control, you can heal and go on to live your life in the way that you want to. Trauma related to birth is very treatable, and treatment with Catalyss Counseling can help you Overcome Your Birth Trauma.

birth trauma treatment with catalyss counseling

While you are recovering physically from giving birth, you are also experiencing trauma. Especially the emotional consequences of having postpartum PTSD after the trauma from your birth. You may feel overwhelmed, anxious, hopeless, agitated, or depressed. At Catalyss Counseling, we understand that you may be experiencing more than postpartum PTSD. So, we specialize in treating you as a whole person. Our licensed and experienced therapists are trained in maternal mental health issues. This includes postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and PTSD. We have the confidence, experience, and hope needed to help you get better.​

Coordination of Care During Therapy for Birth Trauma:

We believe in coordinating your care and treatment with your medical providers. Of course, only with your written permission. Coordination of care with other treatment professionals often results in better overall treatment. Outcomes are improved for you when everyone is on the same page and understands who is doing what. When you come in for therapy with us, together, we identify the different symptoms you have and the emotional pain you are experiencing. Then, we come up with a plan for your treatment together. You will find enjoyment again in your life, be able to laugh, and move forward enjoying your time with your baby. While at times it seems doubtful, we can help you Overcome Your Birth Trauma.

how therapy for Birth Trauma works

Counseling and birth trauma treatment with Catalyss Counseling can help you Overcome Your Birth Trauma. Our therapists specialize in treating trauma, pregnancy, and postpartum issues, and we know that therapy and lasting change takes time and commitment. We can even help you anywhere in the state with online therapy in Colorado. If you’d like to talk to someone more about how we treat birth trauma, follow these simple steps

  1. Contact us today for a free 20-minute phone consultation,

  2. Or, you can book directly online with our birth trauma specialists, Kristen Dammer, Alicia Kwandeand Shannon Heers.

  3. Begin healing your birth trauma and reconnect with your baby

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