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a 90-day anxiety and nutrition coaching program focusing on nutrition, nervous system regulation and gut health.

The Chaos to Calm Anxiety Program

For burned out do-it-all'ers with anxiety that is impacting how you show up in your career, relationships, or day-to-day life who ready for a holistic approach to feel more balanced, present, and alive.
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if you have been:

  • More snappy, irritable, and reactive towards little annoyances

  • Exhausted, feeling constantly on edge and overwhelmed

  • Lying awake at night with thoughts racing through your head

  • Experiencing chronic symptoms, like fatigue, muscle tension, or digestive issues, or

  • Contemplating medication but prefer a natural alternative

Then the Chaos to Calm program is for you!

The Chaos to Calm Anxiety Program is a 90-day hybrid 1:1 and group coaching program that encompasses a body-mind approach designed to guide you through the 3 most important pillars of physical and mental health:

Here is a sneak peek of the 90-day program!

We kick off with a private, 60-minute 1:1 consultation with Kimsey Bourquin to dive into your health history, symptoms, and goals, and outline your personalized action plan for lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements.

Month 1: 


& Nervous System

In month 1, we start by building a strong foundation through food and nervous system regulation. You'll receive an anti-inflammatory, whole foods nutrition plan complete with recipes, menu plans, and shopping lists, along with mind & body-based exercises designed to calm and regulate your nervous system. Weekly group coaching calls with your nutritionist and therapist begin. Option to add on a food sensitivity test!

Still Unsure about joining the program?

Anxiety has many different faces: Ruminating thoughts at 3 am; constantly feeling overwhelmed; aching and tight muscles; irritability at the smallest inconvenience; digestive issues and chest pain. Sixty-eight million people struggle with an anxiety disorder that interferes with their daily life… and that’s just in the United States. In addition to lived experience and stress, ample evidence shows that anxiety can also be traced back to imbalances within the brain and body. When physical health is optimized, mental health can follow (and vice versa!).

The Chaos to Calm 90-day group coaching program is for do-it-all-ers struggling with anxiety that is negatively impacting how they show up in their career, relationships, and day-to-day life. It utilizes a body-mind approach designed to guide you through the 3 most important pillars of physical and mental health: Nutrition, narratives and nervous system regulation, and gut health. Led by Integrative Nutritionist, Kimsey Bourquin, and anxiety therapist Jessica Carpenter, you will be guided through each pillar through a combination of 1:1 sessions, personalized recommendations, and a supportive group environment. By the end of the program, you can not only expect to feel more centered, grounded, and armed with powerful tools, but may also notice improvements in your energy, digestion, sleep, skin, weight, and so much more.

Meet Your program leaders:

The Chaos to Calm program is hosted by Kimsey Bourquin, an integrative nutritionist. Kimsey will guide you through 3 important pillars of physical and mental health with a combination of 1:1 meetings and group coaching sessions. She will provide you with a nutrition plan, recipes, shopping lists, and personalized recommendations on integrating your physical health with your mental well-being.

In addition, group coaching specifically related to anxiety is provided by therapist Jessica Carpenter. Jessica will teach participants anxiety management skills including breathwork, meditation, and chair yoga, while facilitating support groups to assist you in applying these skills in your own life. 

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Other therapy services offered by catalyss counseling:

Group counseling for relationship issues can be more effective than individual counseling at times. And we know that the Relationship Process Group is a great way to grow personally in your relationship skills. But we know that group counseling may not be the only treatment you want, and we want to meet all your counseling needs throughout Colorado. Because of that, our caring therapists also provide individual anxiety treatment, depression counseling, grief and loss therapy, caregiver stress, online therapy, and more. Some of our therapists also specialize in trauma and PTSD, EMDR for Trauma, pregnancy, postpartum depression and anxiety, birth trauma, and pregnancy loss. We also provide clinical supervision for therapists! We are looking forward to connecting with you to start your journey towards healing today.

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