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A support group for grad students who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unbalanced

grad student Support Group

For graduate students in any discipline to connect with others and learn tools to deal with stress, anxiety, time management, and isolation. 
Graduating Students

if you have been:

  • Experiencing Imposter Syndrome related to your academic performance or adjusting to a new program or cohort

  • Stressed due to meeting school deadlines while managing your commitments outside of school

  • Isolated from friends, family, and others in your life who can’t relate to the unique experience of graduate school

  • Struggling with time management problems with school assignments, classes, work, and/or family schedules

Our Grad Student Support Group is the most effective way to take you from feeling scattered and frustrated to being:

  • Supported and empowered to overcome challenges while in school

  • Connected with others, so you can reduce stress and improve your mood

  • More creative while using problem solving skills to help you move through your coursework more efficiently

  • Better at time management so you can enjoy space with loved ones, or even pursue your hobbies and passions

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Meet our grad student sUpport Group Facilitators:

Hi! I'm Sean Carroll, an intern therapist student. I know what it's like to be a grad student who is feeling lost or just struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been in your exact same position. Learning to manage your course load while also having a balanced life is what I'm here to help you with. 

Sean 1.jpg

What to expect from a grad student Support Group:

Small Groups:

We keep our group sizes small, and the Grad Student Support Group will ever only have up to 6 people per group. We do this so that you can get the most out of your group experience. A small group size also lets you get to know the other group members more deeply.

Closed Group:

Grad Student Support Group is not designed as a drop-in group. Every week you will see the same group members in your group. We believe this helps to facilitate more meaningful connections amongst members, which helps you feel less alone.

meets every week:

Grad Student Support Group meets every week and is ongoing. You are invited to stay in the group for as long as it's beneficial for you. We believe that you will get the most benefit from the group by committing to attending a minimum of 10-12 sessions. Although, some people stay in our groups for a year or longer!

support group:

Our group facilitators strive to maintain a positive and supportive group atmosphere for everyone in our Grad Student Support Group. Come together to talk with others who actually understand what you're going through! In the group we will discuss topics such as strategies to better manage your time, improve your confidence, and find balance with your rigorous course-load/personal life/work life. 

Online Group:

The Grad Student Support Group is an online group. So that means that the day of your group session you will be sent a login link, and all you need to do to join is to click the link. We know that online groups offer the flexibility you need while cutting down on your commute time. And, please ensure you have a safe and confidential space to join the group session.

At the Library

unsure if an Grad Student Support Group can help?

Um  yes. How can you remember to show up for a group when it's hard to be on-time for any appointments? For sure, groups can be intimidating and anxiety-provoking. Meeting a bunch of people you don't know can definitely rev up your engine! The thing is, every other person who is joining this group likely feels the same way. We do talk about our anxiety in joining a group during the group session itself, as a way to develop shared experiences and promote connection between group members.


So research shows that group counseling is as effective as individual counseling for a variety of issues. We've even written articles on this. Read our blog 3 Ways Group Counseling Can Improve Your Relationships.

You may still be hesitant to join our Grad Student Support Group, or unsure how this group can help you. If so, you can contact us for a free 20 minute phone consultation. Our caring Scheduling Coordinator will work with you to determine if the Grad Student Support Group is the best fit for you, or if individual counseling may also be recommended

At Catalyss Counseling, we strongly believe that group support can help you find balance and strategies to help with your grad student struggles. Some other benefits of joining our Grad Student Support Group include connecting with others who are experiencing similar issues so you don't feel so alone, getting a built-in support system, and joining the online group from the comfort of your own home. Yes, we know this process is hard, so make it a bit easier on yourself by trying out this group!

Other Therapy Services Offered by Catalyss Counseling:

As a graduate student, group counseling is a great way to meet like minded students who are experiencing the same things you are. But it is true that group counseling may not be the only support you want, and we want to meet all your counseling needs throughout Colorado. The therapists at Catalyss Counseling also provide individual anxiety treatment, depression counseling, grief and loss therapy, caregiver stress, online therapy, and more. We also offer therapists who specialize in trauma and PTSD, EMDR for Trauma, pregnancy, postpartum depression and anxiety, birth trauma, ADHD, and pregnancy loss. And finally, we offer many other types of group counseling for different types of issues. We are interested in connecting with you to start your journey towards healing today.

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