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professional growth

for therapists

clinical supervision and consultation for counselors and social workers

LPCCs and LSWs: Quality clinical supervision for a licensure-candidate counselor or social worker can be difficult to find. You may have searched through various networking groups, asked colleagues, or contacted an ex-supervisor only to find out they are not providing what you are looking for. You need an effective, consistent, and experienced clinical supervisor who has specific training in providing clinical supervision. You’re also looking for someone you can learn and grow professionally from, and who can support you in making good therapy choices for your clients. Finding everything that you want in one person can be quite challenging! At Catalyss Counseling, our experienced clinical supervisors offer all of this.

LPCs and LCSWs: Clinical consultation for beginning and intermediate-level licensed counselors and social workers can also be difficult to discover. You’re working in the field, managing your career and/or developing your caseload, but the work can be challenging at times. You have some difficult cases that you could use some formal consultation on, but you’re not sure where to look for this type of supervision. You want someone who is plenty experienced in working with licensed counselors and social workers to help you continue to grow, offer case consultation, and professional support for your work. The clinical supervisors at Catalyss Counseling can help you reach your clinical consultation goals.

Individual supervision and group supervision options:

Whether you're looking for individual supervision, group supervision, or a combination of both, we offer it all! You get to choose your primary supervisor from our list of trained and experienced supervisors, and that will be your main supervisor or consultant. Together you will determine the best course of supervision or consultation for yourself, which may include individual supervision or consultation and/or group supervision or consultation. If you choose individual supervision or consultation, you will set a regular time either weekly, biweekly or monthly to meet with your chosen supervisor.

If you are interested in our group supervision options, to either supplement your individual supervision or just attend group supervision, you will have the option of joining one of our ongoing supervision or consultation groups. Each supervision group contains no more than 4 clinicians so that everyone gets a chance to present cases, receive feedback, and discuss common clinical themes. Supervision groups are made of a mixture of LPCCs, LSWs, and licensed clinicians, when at all possible, so that different stages of professional growth are represented.

current supervision groups:

Our current supervision groups are meeting virtually due to COVID. Here are our current offerings:

Contact us if you would like to go group supervision and none of these times work for you!

the importance of clinical supervision and consultation:

Clinical supervision and consultation serve several purposes in the mental health field. Some goals of supervision are to provide a safe and confidential place for supervisees to reflect on, review, and progress in their professional fields, and to explore personal responses to their work. Meeting with an approved clinical supervisor supports personal and professional development, learning new skills, and offering a place to explore parallel processes happening between supervisees and their clients. Clinical consultation also offers a chance to grow your skills as a licensed professional, with a more experienced clinician.

LPCCs: Clinical supervision is required for licensure-candidates in the state of Colorado, and all LPCCs are required to obtain 2000 clinically-supervised hours of work post-master’s degree within a minimum of 24 months, prior to applying for an LPC. A total of 100 hours of supervision is required from a licensed supervisor, with 70 of those hours face-to-face. While many agencies offer free or paid clinical supervision, there are many others that do not. If you are in private practice or work at an agency doing clinical work that does not provide clinical supervision, you may be looking for a clinical supervisor.


LSWs: For all licensed social workers, clinical supervision is required in the state of Colorado, and all LSWs are required to obtain 3,360 clinically-supervised hours of work post-master's degree within a minimum of 24 months, prior to applying for an LCSW. A total of 96 hours of supervision is required from a licensed supervisor, at least 48 of which must be face-to-face individual supervision. In addition, at least half of your 3,360 clinically-supervised hours of work must involve treatment diagnosis, assessment, testing, or counseling. If you are doing clinical work at an agency or private practice that does not offer clinical supervision, you are likely searching for a clinical supervisor.

LPCs and LCSWs: Even if you are already licensed as an LPC or LCSW, it is good practice to have regular clinical consultation or supervision. Working in private practice, or at a job that provides little clinical support, can very quickly lead to burn-out or even you working outside of your scope of practice if you do not have adequate clinical consultation. Supervision can be a powerful, trans-formative experience, much like therapy itself, with the right fit between therapist and an experienced supervisor. Our licensed clinical supervisors get their own clinical supervision because they believe in the value and investment of good clinical supervision.

clinical supervision at catalyss counseling

At Catalyss Counseling, we specialize in providing clinical supervision and consultation to licensure-candidate therapists and social workers, and therapists and social workers who are already licensed. Our supervision and consultation is safe, confidential, and professional. We value personal and professional growth, skills development, and the evolution of insight, and we provide this within the confines of the supervisee-supervisor relationship. 

As a supervisee, you can expect to be heard, challenged, and supported throughout the supervision process, regardless of what model your supervisor is drawing from.

We draw from a variety of supervision models, including:

  • Skills Based Model – This is a client focused model with the goal of skills acquisition such as case conceptualization and intervention strategies.

  • Personal Growth Model – This is a therapist focused model with the goals of increasing insight and awareness of how personal issues affect therapeutic relationships. The focus is on the development of a counselor as a person.

  • Process Oriented Method – This is a process focused method with the goals of helping supervisees integrate skills and personal awareness to help facilitate effective relationships with clients. Parallel processes are identified and worked through, and conceptualization on a big-picture level is emphasized.

  • Psychotherapy Based Models – This model follows the framework and techniques of the specific psychotherapy model/theory being practiced by the supervisee and supervisor. Examples of such would be cognitive behavioral therapy supervision or person-centered supervision.

  • Developmental Model – This model conceptualizes the supervisee as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced counselor, and the supervisor adjusts interventions accordingly. There are progressive stages from novice to expert, and each stage has discrete characteristics and skills.

Each of our trained clinical supervisors draws from the above models as needed, and fits supervision needs to your unique self as a counselor.

meet With an experienced clinical supervisor In Denver, CO!

kristen Dammer, LCSW

clinical supervisor

Who I work with best for supervision:

Perhaps you are working at an agency that does not provide clinical supervision, or you're looking for a more clinical focus than the administrative supervision you're usually given. Or you're working at a private practice that doesn't offer clinical supervision, or a hospital where you are the only therapist around. I've worked in many of these same settings, and understand the isolation you have without a supportive, clinically-focused team to rely on.

If you are motivated to learn and grow as a therapist, have or want to develop good personal insight, and if you value open communication between yourself and your supervisor, I would be a good fit to work with you. Attending therapy yourself and experiencing being a client is also important to me, as I want you to have both sides of the experience of being both a therapist and a client receiving therapy.

clinical supervision models:

My focus as your supervisor will be on your personal and professional growth as a counselor, as I align most closely with the Professional Growth Model (see above). I also use various Psychotherapy Based Models for supervision that focuses on learning the skills and interventions of various theoretical orientations. I feel comfortable supervising you in these theoretical orientations: 

  • Solution-Focused Therapy

  • EMDR/trauma

  • CBT

  • Strengths-based

And, finally, I do not neglect looking at parallel processes and adjusting my interventions to where you are developmentally as a counselor.

why I'm passionate about Clinical supervision:

I want to cultivate a place of trust and openness, so you can gain increased self awareness, professional growth and development and meet your goals as a therapist. I want to encourage  you to overcome barriers in reaching your goals, pushing you outside your comfort zone  in order to see your true potential.

I am passionate about clinical supervision because I’ve had the opportunity to work with incredible supervisors that  motivated me to reach outside my comfort zone  because they saw my potential. They helped me past my insecurities and barriers. I want to now give back what I have learned and been graciously given, and that is why I'm passionate about clinical supervision.

supervision training & experience:

I have training in the areas of depression, anxiety, severe and persistent mental illness, grief and loss, trauma, perinatal mental health, assessment and diagnosing. I am trained in providing EMDR. I also have specialized training in the area of clinical supervision and have clinically supervised pre- and post-licensure LCSW candidates in various settings including community mental health, nursing homes, and private practice. I have completed two formal Clinical Supervision Trainings, in 2012 and again in 2020 as a refresher, and I am ready and energized to work with you!

shannon heers, lpc, cas

clinical supervisor

Who I work with best for supervision:

If you are pre-licensed, in a job that offers little to no formal clinical supervision, or an experienced therapist in an agency or private practice setting, I would love to work with you. Especially if you are relationship-oriented and love to learn, I can help you reach your professional goals and feel more supported in your career. Openness to feedback and knowing there is no one "right" way to do everything are also among my values as a supervisor.

If you are looking for answers to all your questions, I may not be the best fit for you as I will challenge you to think and come up with your solutions. You know what type of supervisor works for you, and maybe you've had great, or not-so-great, experiences with clinical supervision in the past. I'm ready to learn from you what works best with you!

Approved clinical supervision models:

I supervise primarily utilizing the Professional Growth Model, which emphasizes your development as a person and counselor. Self-awareness and insight are integral to becoming an effective counselor in the field. I am also proficient in the use of Skills Based and Developmental models of supervision, based on where you are as a growing professional. I can utilize various different theoretical approaches in our supervision including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Person-Centered Counseling

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Crisis Work

Because I have worked in so many different settings, I can easily adjust my supervision and orientation to your needs.

why I'm passionate about supervision:

I love providing clinical supervision because it is so necessary to grow and thrive as a clinician. The excellent supervision I’ve received in the past motivates me to work with therapists like you to help you reach your professional goals. Without supervision and support from a knowledgeable mentor or supervisor, you may start to practice outside the limits of your training and experience, or even approach burn-out. I believe in providing top-quality clinical supervision so that you can be the best therapist you can be.

I will meet you where you are at in your development and we will develop a supervision plan that meets your goals.  I specialize in working on active listening, transference/counter-transference, skill development, and how your personal life may impact your counseling.

Clinical supervision training & experience:

I have training in the areas of depression, anxiety, severe and persistent mental illnesses, grief and loss, perinatal mental health, substance abuse, emergency evaluations/crisis work, assessment, and diagnosing.  I also have specialized training in the area of clinical supervision and have clinically supervised pre- and post-licensure LPC and CAS candidates since 2007 in various settings including community mental health, hospitals, nursing homes, crisis centers, and private practice.

During my experience as a supervisor and manager in community mental health, I also focused on program development and evaluation, and creating systems to allow processes to run more smoothly and efficiently. If you are in need of program development, we can include this in our supervision work.

I have attended several formal trainings in clinical supervision including a refresher clinical supervision course in 2020. I also get my own clinical supervision on a regular basis because I believe in the value of professional consultation and supervision. When you're ready to start working with me, I'd be happy to join you in your professional growth career!

begin clinical supervision or consultation in Colorado:

Catalyss Counseling offers two choices for your approved clinical supervisor, Kristen Dammer, LCSW, and Shannon Heers, LPC. Kristen and Shannon have specific training and experience related to clinical supervision and clinical consultation. They have worked with both licensure-candidate therapists and therapists who are already licensed. We offer both individual and group supervision for your convenience. If you'd like to talk to someone about clinical supervision or clinical consultation in Colorado, follow these simple steps:

         1) Contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation

         2) Or, you can book online with an approved clinical supervisor of your               choice, Kristen Dammer or Shannon Heers

         3) Get started with your professional development in Colorado!

other services available at catalyss counseling:

Catalyss Counseling is a group therapy practice that focuses on meeting adults counseling needs in the Denver area. Our supportive therapists provide depression counseling, anxiety treatmenttherapy for caregiver stress, grief and loss therapy, stress management counseling and more. We also have specialists in trauma and PTSD, women's issues, pregnancy and postpartum depression or anxiety, pregnancy loss and miscarriage, and birth trauma. We look forward to connecting with you to help support your journey today.

Catalyss Counseling welcomes diversity including all body sizes, abilities, races, sexualities, genders, religions and political values.

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