Mountain Range

a postpartum support group to explore your emotions, share daily challenges and feel less alone in motherhood

For moms up to 1 year postpartum who are ready to go from feeling lonely and overwhelmed to connected and understood.
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if this sounds like you:

  • Lonely for adult interaction or feeling isolated from your support group

  • Loving your baby while being surprised at how hard motherhood is

  • Trying to balance showering or caring for yourself while being with your baby 24/7

  • Nervous to leave your baby in someone else's care

Our Postpartum Support Group is the most effective way to take you from isolated and emotionally exhausted to:

  • Feeling like a normal person again and not a zombie

  • Understanding why feeling guilty actually ISN'T the answer and how you can learn to take care of yourself without sacrificing time with baby

  • Sharing your daily ups and downs with other postpartum moms

  • Getting support and social interaction during the day while in the comfort of your home

You CAN have a better tomorrow!
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I'm Kristen Dammer, a maternal mental health specialist. I help postpartum women like you go from feeling alone and overwhelmed to being supported through connections with others so you can relax and enjoy this special time with your baby.

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