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Concerns I Treat:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Life Transitions

  • Identity Work

  • Negativity and energy balance

  • Goal Setting

  • Men’s Issues

  • Relationships

Justin Norton

intern therapist

who I work with:

I work with men, adults who have lost direction in your life, and burned out professionals to regain purpose and meaning so you can become who you’ve always wanted to be.


You are going through a major life event or transition which has brought up unresolved feelings, thoughts and behaviors that conflict with who you strive to be. You may be experiencing unfamiliar emotions or situations that you just don’t know what to do about. It could be hopelessness, drowning or pain. Maybe anxiety, guilt, grief or a lack of energy. You might feel checked out or like your life is in charge of you instead of the other way around. You used to know exactly who you were and where you were going and now you aren’t quite so sure.


I work with people just like you, and I can help you get through this and discover your true sense of self.

how therapy can help you:


I believe we can work together to empower you to use your personal/professional values and morals to discover the life you would like to live. To encourage your success in defining and achieving your emotional and mental goals in life. To support your identification, understanding and processing of emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviors that you struggle with.


I love encouraging self-expression in creative ways such as role play activities, imagery, exploring the natural world, and ceremonies. The “you” who begins this journey of counseling will be different from the one who you will become. Let’s begin your journey today!

Justin Norton, student intern therapist with Catalyss Counseling

about me:

I’ve lived in a lot of places and seen a lot of things. In my 30’s I settled into a remote lifestyle following the work of my grandparents in Kentucky, working with animals and raising food on a biodynamic farm. I spent everyday, rain or shine, wind or calm, hot or cold, milking goats, working yaks and cattle, feeding hogs, rotating birds and planting seeds. Or checking on worm piles, digging dirt, mud and compost. It was the best of times and it certainly was the most challenging of times. In the end I wouldn’t trade it and all the lessons I learned for anything in the world.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. I believe in a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of competency and expertise in traditional theoretical and specialized techniques. I am passionate about using a whole person/humanistic-centered approach in counseling, balanced with cultural inclusivity.

schedule with Justin:

If you have lost direction in your life and want to find meaning again, and you're ready for counseling with me, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us today for a free 20-minute phone consultation

  2. Start your journey towards a more balanced life!

Justin Norton, student intern therapist with Catalyss Counseling
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