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Meet Our colorado Therapists

Rachel 2 small.jpg

Rachel Scott
Student intern


who I work with:


I help young adults who are experiencing anxiety, grief, or low self-confidence to improve your self-esteem, learn how to manage your moods, and find your place in the world, so you can thrive as an adult.

You may be struggling with how to navigate the world after years of structure and authority influencing your everyday life. It may feel inconceivable that you are now supposedly ‘adulting’. 

Perhaps you’re entering new relationships and seeking support because this relationship looks and feels a lot different from past relationships. Or maybe, you are trying to live in a way that is true to who you are and need support figuring out what that will look like. You might also be navigating difficult life events such as death or a big move. No matter the circumstance, there is grief here that you want to unpack and process. 

If you're interested in counseling with Rachel, contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation!

Frankie 2.jpg

Frankie Washofsky
Student intern


who I work with:


I help perfectionists, people-pleasers, and highly sensitive people build healthier relationships and find joy in who you are, so you can manage your anxieties and enjoy life again.

As a high achiever, you want to be the person who has it all. You might have trouble asking for help because it’s easier to do it yourself. Or maybe you find it difficult to say no and disappoint people. You may be struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, or ADHD. Your to-do list seems never-ending; no matter how much you do, you are never caught up. And focusing feels impossible. Longing for fulfilling relationships, you always seem to end up hurt, or feeling closed off from the world. Maybe you feel too sensitive for the modern world: uneasy under fluorescent lights, struggling in loud environments, or overwhelmed by sensory overload. You know that something needs to change, but you’re not sure where to start. If you are having thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or find it hard to relax, I can help.

If you're interested in counseling with Frankie, contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation!

Pansy 3.jpg

Pansy Ayala, LSW
therapist/Licensed social worker


who I work with:

I help hard-working professionals, young adults and new parents who are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected to take back your power so you can get some relief and balance back into your life. Maybe you are having trouble being vulnerable, connecting meaningfully with others, or having your needs met in relationships. Many of my clients experience anxiety and/or depression, and some of my clients experience grief after a loss and are looking for extra support.


If you are a parent or expectant parent, you want the best for yourself and your family. You might be struggling to adjust to your new life while pregnant or with your baby, while coping with emotional and physical changes such as postpartum anxiety or depression. Parenting can be challenging! If any of this sounds like you, it might be time to reach out for extra support.

If you're interested in meeting with Pansy, you can book an appointment directly online or contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.


Kristen Dammer, LCSW, ACS
therapist/Licensed Clinical Social Worker

who I work with:

I help adults with trauma and ADHD, pregnant and postpartum women, and other therapists who feel overwhelmed and unsupported to regain your life back, so you can once again feel whole. You might be a new mom that feels like a failure because “momming” isn’t the ideal experience you see on social media. Or perhaps you are newly diagnosed with ADHD and your sense of identity is shaken. Maybe you experienced a trauma that your family and friends seem to dismiss or you never worked through, and now it’s affecting your relationships. Finally, you might be a therapist in the field who is looking for extra support to manage the difficult work you do everyday.


I’ve worked with many clients just like you, and I can help. I provide supportive listening, coping skills, EMDR if indicated, understanding and resources as you grapple with all that is affecting you. You can get through this!

If you're ready for therapy with Kristen, you can book an appointment directly online or contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.


Justin Norton
Student intern


who I work with:

I help men, fathers and helping professionals who are stressed or overwhelmed to find meaning and balance in your work, life, and relationships again. Life can be hard, and managing the many expectations you have placed on you can at times lead to feeling alone or isolated. You may feel numb or withdrawn from your life. Anxious or depressed. Burned out. You may be led to addiction, the urge to run away from your life and those around you, or even flooded with thoughts that you don’t voice out loud.

Navigating your way through these tough feelings impacts the way you view the world and how you view what is important to you. You may find yourself feeling sad, fearful, or just really exhausted. You may even have become accustomed to these feelings, and have put them aside to help others. You may create an entirely separate person you share with others to avoid the persistent feelings. You might feel like no one in the world can understand you. You may even begin to question who you are. I can help.

If you're interested in counseling with Justin, contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation!

Juliette Brown, a student intern at Catalyss Counseling in Colorado, wearing a black sweater in front of a tree. Juliette treats adults with anxiety, eating disorders, and other adults in Colorado through online therapy and in-person sessions.

Juliette Brown
Student intern


who I work with:

I help adults with depressionanxiety, and grief find new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting so you can experience greater joy and authenticity in your everyday life. 

You are feeling disconnected from the life you want to live and are ready to try something new. You may be going through a challenging life transition, have experienced a loss, or are ready to release something that is no longer serving you. You are seeking a safe space to talk with someone who will listen and not judge you.  You may be struggling with getting up everyday or feeling joy, and are prepared to change how you feel. I can help you take steps towards improving your mental wellness so you can feel better!

If you're interested in counseling with Juliette, contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation!


Marie 3.jpg

Marie Clyne, LSW

therapist/Licensed Social Worker

who I work with:

You may be experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, or ADHD, and are feeling like you just can’t catch a break. You’re overwhelmed, constantly on edge, and making it through each day is like running a marathon that you were unable to train for. Dealing with all of this inside of you makes you feel so alone, believing that no one understands how you’re feeling. 

I work best with those of you who are experiencing work-related stress and relationship issues, as a result of feeling down, swamped, stressed out, or too scattered. What you want to get from therapy is compassion, understanding, and solid solutions for getting back to your “normal” self.

If you're ready for therapy with Marie, you can book an appointment directly online or contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

Jessica Intern 3 medium_edited.jpg

Jessica Carpenter, LPCC


who I work with:

I help adults who have experienced stress or trauma to develop better self-regulation skills so you can cope better in difficult situations.

People I work with are often seeking support for depression, anxiety, or difficulties in interpersonal relationships as a result of past trauma or stressful events. You may feel overwhelmed, have difficulty focusing, lack energy, or have difficulty sleeping. Feeling chronically stressed, emotionally dysregulated, or engaging in self-damaging behaviors may be driving you to seek support.


What happened to you in your past doesn’t have to define who you are now. You can grow and learn how to better figure out whatever life brings your way!

If you're ready for therapy with Jessica, contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation!

Chris 3 large.jpg

Chris Campassi, LPC, LCMHC, ACS


who i work with:

I help men, medical professionals and former athletes to manage stress, create a more satisfying work-life balance and reconnect with the people and activities that are most important to you. Do you consider yourself a  high-achiever, working in a demanding environment? Do you often find yourself doing things yourself because others aren’t able to, or won’t? Do you sometimes feel that there is not enough time in the day to do what you need to do, or what others expect you to do?


If so, you may feel exhausted and overwhelmed. You might even find yourself feeling resentful towards others. You may also be more withdrawn or isolated, devoting more time to work and responsibilities, and less time enjoying your hobbies or spending time with loved ones. You may even be using alcohol or other substances to remedy feelings of anxiety or depression

If you're ready for counseling with Chris in either Colorado or North Carolina, you can book an appointment directly online, or you can contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

Heers-66 small_edited.jpg

Shannon Heers, LPC, LMHC, CAS, ACS
owner and therapist


who i work with:

My passion is working with high-level professionals, pregnant or postpartum moms, and parents to help you manage your stress, anxiety and grief. You are trying to balance your job with your personal life and most days you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and like you’ll never be yourself again.


Or as a new mom you are feeling emotions you never thought you’d be having after your baby such as depression, feeling lost or empty, or excessive anxiety that you are getting buried under. You may even want to run away from everything despite cherishing your loved ones and having built up a solid career. When your life balance is out of whack, you and your family are the ones that suffer. You want to feel more in control of yourself and your life but you don’t know what to do or how to do it.

If you're ready for counseling with Shannon in either Colorado or Washington, you can book an appointment directly online, or you can contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

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