Meet Our Therapists

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Pansy Ayala, LSW

therapist/Licensed social worker
She, Her, Hers

who I work with:

My clients tend to be caring and hard working professionals or parents. You may feel overwhelmed with juggling the demands of everyday life and wondering how you can possibly find time to care for yourself. Some of my clients worry about having a baby and what that may look like, or are struggling to take care of a baby while coping with big emotional and physical postpartum changes. Other clients I work with experience anxiety, grief after loss, or some depression.


If you are a parent, we all know that parenting can be challenging, and you want to find a way to manage your responsibilities while living the balanced and fulfilling life that you want. Finally, many of my clients want meaningful relationships with their partners or family members. If any of this sounds like you, perhaps it’s time to reach out for extra support

If you're interested in meeting with Pansy, you can book an appointment directly online or contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.


Alicia Kwande, LCSW

therapist/Licensed Clinical Social Worker

who I work with:

Losing someone you love, whether due to divorce, break-up or death, is overwhelming. The pain can seem endless. You have a lot to give others, but now you find that the grief and hardships you are facing might be too much to handle on your own. Some days, you’re not sure how you’ll get through the day. Feelings of guilt and stress over not meeting your own, or others’, expectations of you might make you want to crawl back into bed.


Whether you’ve lost a relationship, family member, or friend, or you’re experiencing a break-up or divorce; you’re feeling alone, depressed, and even angry. No one else seems to understand, so maybe it’s time to talk to someone who will listen and help.

I am licensed in both Colorado and Texas and can work with anyone in these states. If you're ready for therapy with Alicia, you can book an appointment directly online or contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.


Kristen Dammer, LCSW

therapist/Licensed Clinical Social Worker

who I work with:

I can help you find relief from your anxiety and recover from trauma, adjust to pregnancy, and cope with postpartum depression or anxiety. Is your past, and the difficult events that happened, affecting your present self and relationships? Sometimes you may not know how much this has really affected you as a person. In addition, life changes such as pregnancy and a new baby can have a big impact on your mental well-being. My hope is to help you process, understand and eventually find a bit of acceptance, free from the guilt that unsettles so many people with past trauma. For mothers, therapy that focuses specifically on maternal mental health issues may be the answer you are looking for to help you regain a sense of control over your life.

If you're ready for therapy with Kristen, you can book an appointment directly online or contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

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Dylan Mackie-hernandez, lpc

she, her, hers

who i work with:


You are more analytical in your thinking patterns, and you tend to be highly logical, intelligent, and high-achieving. However, you have difficulty getting in touch with your emotional side, and that is causing you problems in relationships and perhaps even in your career growth. You may be experiencing anxiety (social or generalized), depression, or grief, and you’re not sure how to break free of these negative thinking patterns. These obstacles are separating you from living your most meaningful life. You want move past your anxious or depressed thoughts and feelings and break free of patterns that have become an impediment to your happiness.

If you're ready for therapy with Dylan, you can book an appointment directly online or you can contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

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Marie Clyne, LSW

therapist/Licensed Social Worker

who I work with:

You may be experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, or ADHD, and are feeling like you just can’t catch a break. You’re overwhelmed, constantly on edge, and making it through each day is like running a marathon that you were unable to train for. Dealing with all of this inside of you makes you feel so alone, believing that no one understands how you’re feeling. 

I work best with those of you who are experiencing work-related stress and relationship issues, as a result of feeling down, swamped, stressed out, or too scattered. What you want to get from therapy is compassion, understanding, and solid solutions for getting back to your “normal” self.

If you're ready for therapy with Marie, you can book an appointment directly online or contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

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Shannon Heers, LPC, LMHC, CAS, ACS

owner and therapist

She, Her, Hers

who i work with:

My passion is working with high-level professionals, pregnant or postpartum moms, and parents to help you manage your stress, anxiety and grief. You are trying to balance your job with your personal life and most days you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and like you’ll never be yourself again. Or as a new mom you are feeling emotions you never thought you’d be having after your baby such as depression, feeling lost or empty, or excessive anxiety that you are getting buried under. You may even want to run away from everything despite cherishing your loved ones and having built up a solid career. When your life balance is out of whack, you and your family are the ones that suffer. You want to feel more in control of yourself and your life but you don’t know what to do or how to do it.

If you're ready for counseling with Shannon in either Colorado or Washington, you can book an appointment directly online, or you can contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation.