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Group Therapy

group therapy in Colorado

Here at Catalyss Counseling, we love groups! We have seen firsthand how beneficial groups are, and how groups members can help change lives. Group therapy can help with a variety of issues, and can often-times be more powerful and life-changing than just individual work. The sense of belongingness, the connections you make with others who have a shared experience, and the support you give to and get from the group members can truly be inspiring. 

Group Therapy Online

Some of our groups are offered online, and while it may seem odd to do group counseling online, it is very similar to virtual meetings. If you already use Zoom or another online platform to do work-related meetings, online group therapy may be more comfortable for you. All you need to do online group counseling is either your phone, or a computer with a microphone and camera. We provide our groups over a secure video platform, and make it as easy for you to join and feel comfortable, as we are able to.

In-Person group therapy in colorado

Yes! We offer in-person therapy groups at our Denver-based office in Englewood, Colorado. For those of you that have virtual fatigue or prefer to engage in group counseling in-person, our Relationship Process Group would be a good option. One benefit of in-person groups are that you can build in-the-moment relationships with other group members in real-world ways. In addition, in-person groups help you to build confidence in your socialization with others so you can transfer what you learn in group to the outside world.
6 adults sitting on a ledge overlooking a lake with arms around each other from the back. They attended group therapy together and have a close bond.

Group therapy vs individual therapy

If you've landed here, you're already interested in doing group therapy or group counseling. However, there are actually many benefits to doing group therapy as opposed to individual therapy. Check out our chart below to compare group counseling versus individual therapy.

Benefits of Individual Therapy:

  • ​You learn how to understand and cope with emotions

  • Helps to manage troublesome symptoms

  • Receiving one-on-one attention from your therapist

  • Develops a strong alliance between yourself and your therapist

  • Can dive deep into what is going on with you

  • Best if you have severe social anxiety or extreme trauma

Benefits of group Therapy:

  • Develops a built-in support system

  • Is cheaper than individual therapy

  • Helps you feel less alone as you discover others with similar struggles

  • You learn to relate to people in a healthy way

  • Provides a safe place to be open and vulnerable

  • Offers accountability to the group to reach your goals

  • Exposes you to different perspectives on your situation

FAQs about Group Therapy:

Who will be in my group?

We carefully screen each potential group member, including you, to make sure that everyone in the group is the right fit for the group. This is done through an initial Group Screening/Intake appointment that you'll set up with our scheduling coordinator, between yourself and the group facilitator. All of our groups are geared towards a particular topic(s) or category of person, so we make sure up front that you're in the right group for you.  

Will I have to talk?

Part of the expectation of being a group member is participation, in whatever manner fits you best. However, the group facilitator will help create a safe and supportive group environment where you feel comfortable participating so you can get the most out of your group experience.

Is group counseling confidential?

Absolutely. At the start of each group, we discuss "group rules" that all group members agree to abide by. One of those rules is confidentiality, and that everything talked about in the group, stays in the group. Group members who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave.

How much does group therapy cost?

Most groups are between $60-$70 per group session (exception: Grad Student Support Group is $25/session), and there is a $150 initial Group Screening/Intake appointment so you can get to know your group facilitator and we can make sure you're in the right group. Some of our groups are time-limited and 10-12 sessions long, and some are open-ended, meaning that you can stay for longer than 8 sessions.  Research shows that a minimum of 8 sessions is the ideal length of time for you to get benefits from group therapy. Total cost for 8 sessions of group plus the initial screening/intake appointment is between $630-$750, which is significantly cheaper than 8 sessions of individual therapy.

online group therapy in colorado

Even if you are not “technologically advanced”, online group counseling can be made simple and easy. Therapy groups online can be a great option if you live in a more rural or isolated areas and do not have access to appropriate groups, or when you are being asked to stay home and not congregate in groups. The flexibility that online group counseling offers is also attractive to many people, in that there is no commute time and no need to find a place to park. You might have young children at home or you are unable to leave the house.  All you need is internet coverage and a phone or computer for your online group counseling sessions.

Is Online Group Counseling For Me?

Catalyss Counseling offers online group counseling for specific topics. Several of the specialties that Catalyss Counseling offers can all be treated through online groups. If you need the convenience and flexibility that online group counseling offers, contact us to see if you are a good fit for online therapy.

An Asian woman in jeans and a T-shirt laying on her couch looking at her computer and wondering if Online Group Therapy is accessible for her.

current groups at catalyss counseling:

A woman and man sitting on an orange couch playing a board game and smiling and laughing. They attended the Mental Health Starter Kit Group and have the skills and tools they need for their mental wellness.

Here are the current online groups being offered at Catalyss Counseling:

Young Adults Connections group (Online)

Weekly group, 12 sessions

Day and time: TBD, based on group members' interest and availability

Location: Online

Status: ENROLLING NOW for Fall 2024 Start Date!

Facilitators: Frankie Washofsky, LPCC, NCC

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form

Group description: The Young Adults Connections Group is an educational and interactive group for young adults who struggle with anxiety and/or depression. Learn key counseling concepts and come away with skills you can implement immediately in your daily life!

Relationship process group (in-person)


Weekly group, ongoing enrollment until full

Group #1: Weekly on Mondays 6:30pm-7:30pm MST 3 Spots Open!

Group #2: Weekly on Thursdays, 5:30pm-6:30pm 2 Spots Open - female identifying only!

Location: Catalyss Counseling office at 750 W. Hampden Ave. in Englewood

Facilitators: Jessica Carpenter, LPCC, Frankie Washofsky, LPCC, NCC, and Shannon Heers, LPC, LMHC, CAS, ACS

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form 

Group description: The Relationship Process Group is for individuals who want to explore and improve your relationships with yourself and others, learn to give and receive trust while setting healthy boundaries, and find joy again in your current and future connections with others.

Image by Oveth Martinez
2 men on a beach at sunset connecting and talking with each other after their men's support group.

men's support group (online)


Weekly group, ongoing enrollment until full

Group #1: Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm MST FULL

Group #2: Every other Wednesday 1pm-2pm MST, FULL

Group #3: Thursdays 4pm-5pm MST, ENROLLING NOW for June 2024 Start Date!

Location: Online


Facilitators: Christopher Campassi, LPC, LCMHC, ACS, Sean Carroll, and Shannon Heers, LPC, LMHC, CAS, ACS

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form

Group description: The Men's Support Group is for professional men who are seeking a peer support system and personal growth, to help manage your daily challenges in a healthy and productive way. Get peer accountability, become fulfilled in your relationships, and rediscover your job satisfaction.

A better tomorrow: postpartum support group (online)


Biweekly group, ongoing enrollment until full

Day and time: TBD

Location: Online


Facilitator: Kristen Dammer, LCSW, ACS

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form

Group description: The A Better Tomorrow: Postpartum Support Group is for moms up to 1 year postpartum who are looking to generate a new-mom support system, share your feelings and experiences, and get back to feeling like yourself again. Decrease your isolation, learn coping skills, and connect with other new moms in an online forum.

A woman wearing a white shirt and hat holding her baby son after coming to our online Postpartum Support Group Near Me.
A girl with 2 buns in her hair and orange sweater holding up 2 orange slides over her eyes and smiling because she's getting the support she needs in the Adult ADHD Support Group in Colorado.

ADULT ADHD Support group (online)


Biweekly group, ongoing enrollment until full

Group #1: Every other Wednesday from 6pm-7pm MST 1 Spot Open!

Group #2: 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 12pm-1pm MST 2 Spots Open!

Location: Online

Facilitators: Kristen Dammer, LCSW, Frankie Washofsky, LPCC, NCC, and Marie Clyne, LSW 

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form 

Group description: ADHD Support Group is for adults who have ADHD, suspected ADHD, or other executive functioning concerns. This group will help you create more effective routines, learn about ADHD resources, and connect with other like-minded people so you feel less alone.

women's support group (online)


Biweekly groups, ongoing enrollment until full

Group #1: Every other Tuesday 7pm-8pm MST 2 Spots Open!

Group #2: Every other Tuesday 12pm-1pm MST 1 Spot Open!

Location: Online

Facilitators: Shannon Heers, LPC, LMHC, CAS, Pansy Ayala, LCSW, Jessica Carpenter, LPCC

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form

Group description: The Women's Support Group is designed for high-achieving women to take back control of their lives through powerful emotional support so you can thrive! This group helps you prioritize your relationships while still taking care of yourself so you can flourish during this difficult time.

Several diverse women in black tops and jackets linking arms in a city, connecting throuhg an online Women's Support Group. Run by experienced therapists.
Image by RUT MIIT

Grad student support group (online)


Weekly group, 12 sessions - starts August 2024 

Group #1: Wednesdays 12pm-1pm MST FULL!

Group #2: Wednesdays 6pm-7pm MST FULL!

Group #3: Starts August 2024 ENROLLING NOW!

Location: Online

Facilitators: Juliette Brown, LPCC, Frankie Washofsky, LPCC, NCC

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form

Group description: The Grad Student Support Group is for graduate students in any discipline to connect with others, learn tools to deal with anxiety and stress, and develop strategies for time management and isolation. You are not alone, and we can come together and support each other!

Men's dIVORCE sUPPORT group (Online)


Weekly group, ongoing enrollment until full

Day and Time: Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm

Location: Online


Facilitators: Shannon Heers, LPC, CAS, ACS and Sean Carroll

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form 

Group description: The Men's Divorce Support Group is for men who want to process their break-up or divorce, heal from the emotional pain and learn new relationship patterns. Connect with others who are going through the same thing and find healing and solace.​

Mens Divorce Group 1.jpg
Hand held out with a bird on it in a forest as someone is seeking a Divorce Support Group Near Me in Colorado. White flowers in the background and pine trees in the Rocky Mountains.

EcoTherapy Anxiety Group (in-person)


3-session group, meets for 2-3 hours each session

Day and Time: Saturdays March 9th, 23rd, and April 6th from 10am-12pm/1pm MST

Location: TBD - either City Park in Denver or a location agreed-upon by participants


Facilitators: Juliette Brown, LPCC

For more information or to enroll: Complete this Group Interest Form 

Group description: The EcoTherapy Anxiety Group is for Colorado adults who want to use nature-based therapy interventions to manage their anxiety and social anxiety. Learn how to ground yourself in nature and use the outside world to feel more calm and connected with others.

Getting Started for Online Group TherAPY is Easy:

We are able to complete all of your intake paperwork via a secure Client Portal, and you just first need to complete an intake appointment with one of our experienced and caring therapist group facilitators. You can schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation, or contact our scheduling coordinator by phone or email for more information.

How Online group Therapy Works

Online group counseling is done with you, the other group members, and a therapist facilitator over a secure video platform, and is much the same as in-person groups. You will sign up for a group, then prior to the group starting you will be either sent a link or invited to join to the online meeting by email. The group leader will ensure that everyone is set up appropriately and everyone can hear each other before starting the group. You will be able to participate, ask questions, and give feedback to other group members.

Begin group Therapy in COlorado

Group therapy in Colorado can help you to feel less isolated, more understood, and help relieve your stress and anxiety. Our therapists specialize in providing group counseling both online and in-person, and we know that therapy and lasting change takes time and commitment. If you’d like to talk to someone more about how you can enroll in group therapy, follow these simple steps:  

  1. Contact us today for a free 20-minute phone consultation

  2. Or, fill out our Group Interest Form

  3. Or, if you want to schedule an intake, you can book directly online with the therapist of your choice

  4. Start your journey to a more connected, fulfilled life.

A white image of a brain floating in air with a hand underneath it in front of a sunset encouraging people to start group therapy if indicated.

Other Therapy Services Available at Catalyss Counseling

Online group counseling provides you with a convenient way to connect with others and get your socialization needs met. To meet all of your counseling needs in the Denver area, our supportive therapists provide anxiety counseling, depression counseling, therapy for caregiver stress, grief and loss therapy, stress management counseling and more through individual therapy. We also have specialists in trauma and PTSD, women's issues, pregnancy and postpartum depression or anxiety, pregnancy loss and miscarriage, and birth trauma. We look forward to connecting with you to help support your journey today.

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