Alicia Kwande, LCSW

therapist/Clinical Social Worker

who I work with:

You are known among your family and friends as one of the kindest people they know. Your tendencies towards compassion and empathy, however, have left you with next to nothing to give yourself. You may find yourself feeling guilty and stressed over not meeting others’ expectations. Maybe you are pregnant or a new mother and are struggling with isolation, anxiety, or depression. You wonder: Where is the joy that so many new moms seem to be experiencing? Or you are taking care of other family members or clients where the caregiving is feeling more burdensome, and your grief is overwhelming. Your sense of self-worth has really taken a hit over the years, and sometimes you can’t even remember if you had ever positive thoughts toward yourself.

how therapy can help you:

I can support you in uncovering the true “you” that lies below unhelpful beliefs that have degraded your sense of self, and discovering the joy that life can offer as a compassionate person. Therapy with me can give you tools to set healthy boundaries and allow you to move away from the guilt, anxiety, grief, and depression that have been determining how you live day to day. If you are feeling that the weight of your emotional pain is too heavy to bear, I will support you in a safe and empathic space as we peel away negative thought patterns and beliefs. I also counsel from a Christian perspective if you wish. You can live your life with joy and free of guilt.

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about me:

I believe that we all have within us the ability to heal, and often need the unconditional support from another to find that internal mechanism. I will sit with you in your grief, pain, and depression while maintaining an empathic and compassionate connection as one of my greatest strengths. I have extensive experience working with people from multiple backgrounds and facing a wide variety of challenging situations, including trauma, grief and loss, navigating terminal illnesses and disabilities, anxiety and panic, and relationship stresses. I am a mother of one young child and have navigated marrying across cultures, making multiple moves, and operating in a caregiving role through work and at home. I bring those experiences to support you in your own challenges in life.

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