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online group support for women looking to collaborate and build each other up 

For busy women who are ready to go from overwhelmed and exhausted to thriving and feeling connected, without ever leaving your home.
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if this sounds like you:

  • Overwhelmed with your multiple roles of working, learning and/or parenting while social distancing

  • Lacking motivation to get everything done

  • Weary because everyday seems the same

  • Missing your social outlets and deeper connections with your friends

Our Online Women's Support Group is the most effective way to take you from stressed and overloaded to:

  • Prioritizing your relationships with your family while still taking care of yourself

  • Understanding why doing more and working harder actually ISN'T the answer and learning how to thrive while doing less

  • Getting inspiration, support and accountability from other strong, unique women

  • Empowering yourself as a woman and strengthening your inner voice


I'm Shannon Heers. I help overwhelmed women like you go from stressed and feeling alone to being supported through facilitating connections with others so you can flourish during this difficult time.

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