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Business Consultation for Private Practice Owners

business consultation for private practice owners

As an established private practice owner, you know that you are a skilled clinician. You have years of specialized experience, a license (or two), and specific training in certain areas. You have work experience and love private practice. But you are constantly struggling to get new clients, and running the business part of your practice is not your strength.

what does noT WORK

Maybe you have dabbled in marketing, tried social media, and talked with your professional colleagues about your practice, but the referrals are not coming in steadily enough to meet your needs. You know that the business side of owning your private practice is important, yet you're not quite sure where to start to get better at business-related "stuff" and marketing your services.

wHAT does WORK

Perhaps you know what you need to do, but figuring out how to do it is overwhelming and you don't even know where to start. You want a business expert to show you, in a comfortable and stress-free environment, how to run the business side of your practice and how to fill your practice with clients you want to work with.

Group of private practice owners engaging in Catalyss Consulting's online business consultation groups to help them learn the business and marketing side of therapy private practices in Colorado.

how business consulting can help you

At Catalyss Consulting, we take the "overwhelm" out of being a small business owner, and help you manage the business and marketing side of your private practice. The more you know about a subject, the easier it is to do the "unpleasant" or "scary" tasks that pull you away from your true passion of doing therapy and helping others. In a safe, small-group setting, we provide you with the guidance you need to take your private practice to the next level.


Imagine Your Dream Scenario

Imagine running your private practice and enjoying doing the business side of things. You have a clear vision for your practice, and you know how to get there. You know what metrics you need to measure for the continued growth of your practice, you are clear on the purpose of your website and it attracts new clients regularly, and you know where and how your hard-earned money is being spent. What a great dream! But it's not just a dream. You can get there with support from Catalyss Consulting!


How Business Consulting Helps

Business Consulting with Catalyss Consulting can get you to this dream scenario. We teach you the business skills you need to become an exceptional business owner, and then you learn the skills thoroughly by processing how they relate to your own practice. If you join a small business consultation group, you also capitalize on the knowledge and experience of other group members to help refine your business strategy as it applies to you and your own business management style.

business consultation service types

Lightbulb with a black background, signifying learning about Catalyss Consulting's Business Consultation Groups for counseling private practice owners to improve their business and marketing skills in Colorado.

Individual Consultation:

  • Per session: $210

  • 3-session package: $600 (savings of $30)​​

  • 6-session package: $1,100 (savings of $160)

  • 55 minute sessions

  • Virtual (online)

  • Scheduled at a convenient time that works for your schedule

Small Group Business Consultation

  • Small groups of 4 participants

  • Meets monthly for 6 months, 1 hour per month

  • Groups conducted virtually (online)

  • Scheduled at a time that works for all group participants

  • $75 per group per month

  • Status: ENROLLING NOW for 2021 Groups!

    • March Consultation Group Start: FULL

    • June Consultation Group Start: ENROLLING NOW!

    • September Consultation Group Start: TBA

business consultation Specialties:

Here is a list of basic Business Consultation topics that may be discussed:

  • Vision, Mission, Values

  • Goal Setting 

  • Niche Development

  • Business Models

  • Business Owner Mindset

  • Branding

  • Fee Setting/Insurance Panels

  • Financial tracking

  • Websites

  • SEO

  • Marketing

  • Developing Systems

  • Measuring Metrics

Table with a laptop computer, clip board, and list of projects to get started on after doing the small group business consultation with Catalyss Consulting for therapy private practice owners to improve their practice building skills in Colorado.

advanced marketing skills consultation:

Perhaps you have the basics down. You've identified your ideal client and your practice is aligned with your vision, mission, and your goals. You have systems in place to make running your practice easier, and you know your website basics. 

But you want to take your marketing a step further. You have a marketing plan, but you are unsure about how to actually implement your marketing strategies. Perhaps you know what you want to do, but are still stuck on how to really market your services effectively. If this sounds like you, our Advanced Marketing Skills Consultation topics can help you get to where you want to be in your practice!

Advanced Marketing Skills topics:

  • Networking Strategies

  • Blogging

  • SEO

  • Video Marketing

  • Website Specialty Pages (Landing Pages)

  • Direct Outreach 

  • Online Directories

  • Social Media Strategies

  • Email Marketing

  • And more!

Female sitting at her computer working, at a table at home, doing her marketing consultation group with other private practice owners to grow her business.

How to get started:


If you are interested in Business Consultation Services with Catalyss Consulting, here are your first steps:

1) Contact Us for a free 15-minute phone consultation

2) Set up an individual consultation session or join a group

3) Learn business skills and then apply them to your own private practice!