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online group for men to connect, get support for your challenges, and make positive lifestyle changes

For professional men who are ready to go from feeling alone in your struggles to understanding how to make healthy changes in your life and getting accountability for your actions.
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if this sounds like you:

  • Feeling alone, even when surrounded by others, and having  no one to confide in

  • Wanting to maintain sobriety despite all your stress

  • Having relationship struggles due to being closed off

  • Overworked or feeling resentful at work, despite previously loving your career

  • Trying to be more healthy but aren't able to get started

Our Online Men's Support Group is the most effective way to take you from alone and stressed to:

  • Finding joy in your career again without sacrificing your free time

  • Navigating your personal challenges in a healthy way so your relationships don't suffer

  • Understanding why keeping things to yourself actually ISN'T the answer and how you can become a better man

  • Getting accountability for your sobriety and health goals


I'm Shannon Heers. I help professional men like you go from feeling alone and overwhelmed to motivated and happy so you can make the most of your life.

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