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a support group for men to talk freely about the "real" stuff in life

Men's Support Group

For professional men who are ready to connect more deeply with others, explore toxic masculinity, and get support for making positive changes in your life.
Five diverse men jumping for joy in a Men's Support Group. Counseling for men online.

if this sounds like you:

  • Something happened recently that has you reeling, and you're unable to make sense of it

  • Having trouble discussing things that matter, causing problems in your relationships

  • Trying to find the meaning in your life that keeps you going day-to-day

  • Looking for a supportive, open and positive place to get feedback on your challenges

Our Online Men's Support Group is the most effective way to take you from alone and stressed to:

  • Becoming confident in your masculinity through a support network of other modern men

  • Navigating your personal challenges in a healthy way so your relationships don't suffer

  • Understanding why keeping things to yourself actually ISN'T the answer and how you can become a better partner/friend/father

  • Becoming accountable to yourself for the changes you want to make in your life

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Facilitators for our men's support group:

Headshot of Chris Campassi who is a men's issues therapist in Colorado and North Carolina. Chris helps facilitate the online Men's Support Group that helps men grow and feel better.

I'm Chris Campassi. I help men feel comfortable with your emotions and feelings, leading to more fulfilling relationships and decreased loneliness so you can live your best life.

Headshot of Shannon Heers a therapist in Colorado and Washington who does group counseling. Shannon also focuses on treatment of men's issues in counseling.

I'm Shannon Heers. I help men like you go from feeling alone and overwhelmed to motivated and happy so you can make the most of your relationships and life.

what to expect from the men's support group:

Small Groups:

We keep the Men's Support Group small, with up to 6 people per group. This way you get the most out of your group experience by getting a chance to participate each group. The small group size also lets you get to know and connect with the other group members better.

Closed Group:

As the Men's Support Group is not a drop-in group there will be the same group members in your group each week. So having the same people in the group each time you meet facilitates more meaningful connections amongst members, which helps you feel less alone.

meets Weekly:

This Men's Support Group meets weekly and is ongoing. You are invited to stay in the group for as long as it's beneficial for you. We do know that you will get the most benefit from the group by committing to attending a minimum of 3 months. Although, some people stay in our groups for a year or even longer.

support group:

We work hard to maintain a positive and supportive group atmosphere for everyone in the Men's Support Group. You will be able to talk comfortably with others who understand what you're going through. Various discussion topics often include work and job challenges, relationships, parenting (if applicable to you), health, and toxic masculinity.

Online Group:

The Men's Support Group is an online group. The day of your group session you will be sent a link for the group session, and all you need to do to join is to click the link. We know you are busy and online groups offer the flexibility you need while cutting down on your commute time. We do ask that you please have a safe and confidential space to join the group session.

4 men sitting on a ledge outside in the foothills and laughing. These men met in a Men's Support Group and are now friends in Colorado.

Is the Men's Support Group an Anxiety Support Group?

Picture of a black man with a white striped shirt and glasses looking at the camera hoping to join the virtual Men's Support Group in Colorado. Offering online therapy and group counseling to adults.

While not specific to anxiety, our Men's Support Group is a good fit if you are experiencing anxiety. We discuss anxiety coping skills, triggers for your anxiety, and potential causes. The group explores family dynamics, relationships, and work-related stress, among many other things.


Learning from others about what helps with your anxiety can be powerful. Understanding that there are other men out there who feel the way you do can be freeing. And sometimes, just talking things out in group actually makes you feel better!

Is the Men's Support Group a depression Support Group?

Although this Men's Support Group is not as specific as a Depression Support Group, you will get encouragement for any depression symptoms you may have. In this group we are kind to each other and accepting of whatever you are going through.

Healing often comes within relationships with others. Feeling less alone in a Men's Support Group can help with your depression. And, making those deeper connections with other men just like you can make you feel better!

Sign on a desk that says Get Shit Done with a laptop and a chair waiting for a guy to attend the online Men's Support Group. Catalyss Counseling offers counseling for men's issues in Colorado and North Carolina.

Are you still Unsure about the Men's Support Group?

For sure, we know that group counseling can be hard. Groups can be intimidating! Joining a group and sharing your story with people you don't know can be anxiety-provoking! In reality, every other person who is joining the group likely is experiencing those same emotions. That is why we talk openly about our anxiety during the group session itself, as a way to promote connections between group members.

The other thing is, research shows that group counseling is as effective as individual counseling for a variety of issues, especially when you're looking to feel less alone and find a supportive community of other men. And our Men's Support Group is online, so you don't even have to worry about driving somewhere you don't know or stress about trying to find a parking spot. We believe in groups so much, we even wrote an article specifically about the benefits of men's support groups: Why Men's Support Groups are Good For, Well, Men.

You may still have some hesitations or questions about our Men's Support Group, so you can also contact us for a free 20 minute phone consultation. Our caring Scheduling Coordinator can answer any questions you have about the group and determine if this group will be the best fit for you, or if individual counseling may also be recommended

Here at Catalyss Counseling, we love groups. We strongly believe in men supporting men opening up about your struggles instead of keeping everything inside. Some benefits of joining our Men's Support Group include not feeling so alone in your struggles, understanding how your past socialization as a male impacts your present relationships, and how to focus on your own self-care. Group therapy can be hard, but we make it easy! Give it a try today.

Other therapy services available at catalyss counseling:

Group counseling for men's issues can be life-changing. We know the Men's Support Group is a great way to work on your personal growth. But we know that group counseling may not be the only treatment you need, and we want to meet all your counseling needs throughout Colorado. That is why our experienced therapists also provide individual anxiety treatment, depression counseling, grief and loss therapy, caregiver stress, online therapy, and more. Our therapists also specialize in trauma and PTSD, EMDR for Trauma, pregnancy, postpartum depression and anxiety, birth trauma, and pregnancy loss. We also provide clinical supervision for therapists! We are looking forward to connecting with you to start your journey towards healing today.

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