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Concerns I Treat:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and Loss

  • Relationship issues

  • Eating Disorders/Body Image

  • Trauma

  • Identity Development

Rachel Scott

intern therapist

who I work with:

I help adults who are experiencing anxiety, body-image concerns, and grief and loss to manage your racing thoughts, find the positive in how you look and feel, and talk through your grief so you can find peace with yourself.

Maybe you are wanting to live a life true to who you are, but are feeling the immense pressure from others telling you how you should look, think, or act. This is resulting in some anxiety or even depression. You might feel at odds with your body and how you view yourself, yet you are unsure how to integrate how you think and how you look.

Or if you are in the wake of a significant change or loss of a loved one in your life, you may be struggling to adjust to your “new normal”. The grief associated with this may feel all-encompassing and impossible to see a way through, yet you know there must be a way to honor the grief and even to thrive once again.

The anxiety or even depression with how you feel or look may feel impossible to overcome. Yet you are determined to carve your own path forward. I can help.

how therapy can help you:


Getting an outside perspective on how someone views you can help you in your healing journey. Sometimes you just need an unbiased expert to help you figure out your immensely difficult and nuanced emotions. Our relationship together will be the basis for your success and healing. You can expect to leave each session knowing that you matter, and that nothing is too big or too small for us to talk about in our sessions.

While our work together will be as unique as you, there are a few things you can count on in working with me. I will help you identify your core values and develop strategies to help you view yourself in a more healthy manner. Even after loss, we can build upon what you truly believe so that you can re-engage in your joyful activities once again. I will help you to apply an existential perspective on your situation, which can support meaning-making in the wake of grief and other significant life events.

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about me:

I’m a Midwestern native, born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, and a proud Indiana University alum (Go Hoosiers!) Since moving to Denver, I love to take advantage of Colorado’s beauty and boundless opportunities by exploring mountain towns. 

Prior to pursuing my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Regis University, I majored in business and worked in consulting for several years. My passion for helping others and increasing mental health awareness drew me to this field. I understand what it feels like when your identities and values are misaligned with the life you’re leading, and I intimately understand the journey to greater personal alignment

I love reading fiction, baking (sourdough is my current obsession), engaging in joyful movement, sewing (along with any arts and crafts activities), walking my social butterfly pup, and spending quality time with loved ones near and far. These activities fill my cup and allow me to show up as an authentic, compassionate, and energetic therapist with you! 

schedule with Rachel:

If you're struggling with how to navigate the world you want to live in and you're ready to make a change through counseling with me, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us today for a free 20-minute phone consultation

  2. Start your journey towards a more balanced life!

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