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Concerns I Treat:

  • Parenting Stress

  • Pregnancy

  • Postpartum Anxiety/Depression

  • Relationships

  • Work Stress/Workplace Toxicity

  • Caregiver Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief and Loss

Rachel Jurisz-Singh

intern therapist

who I work with:

I help thoughtful, creative women who have anxiety, are trying to start a family or balance family and career responsibilities, or are struggling with relationships to discover relief, self-compassion, connection with others, and meaning in their lives. Do you constantly worry that you’re a “bad” partner, mother, friend, or working professional? Do you make time for everyone else in your life but carve out too little time for yourself? Do you look “fine” on the outside, but on the inside you’re a scattered mess?

There are so many unrealistic expectations and pressures that both society and culture place on women – to be caretakers, people pleasers, and perfectionists, all while successfully balancing your personal life and career. You may feel as if you’re on a hamster wheel – trying to keep up with ALL of your responsibilities, but deep down you feel like a “failure”. As a result, you are constantly worried and exhausted. You love your job and family, and the meaning it gives you, but sometimes you wonder if that’s not enough. Or if you’re pregnant or postpartum, the pressure seems even higher on you. The people in your life don’t understand how much you’re struggling internally, which makes you feel misunderstood and alone and may even affect your relationships with loved ones.


Seeking out support for yourself in the midst of it all is not selfish, it’s courageous. I can help!


how therapy with me can help you:


Whatever struggles you’re going through, it’s 100% normal. Therapy with me is a non-judgmental space where you can share whatever is weighing most heavily on your mind and in your heart. In our sessions, you will shift from “survival mode” to finding more relief and inner peace. You will learn skills to quiet your critical inner voice and develop more self-compassion. Together, we will focus on helping you to set boundaries, develop healthier relationships, and find more time for yourself and what’s most meaningful in your life.

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about me:

I am currently a graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Regis University. For over twenty years, I’ve worked in high pressure, multifaceted positions in the non-for-profit sector, including two women’s organizations. My experience in operation management, board development, member outreach and recruitment, corporate fundraising, conference and tradeshow planning, and marketing helps to inform my work as a therapist. I am passionate about helping individuals transition to parenthood and have training in perinatal mental health through Postpartum Support International (PSI).

In 2019, I moved to Colorado from New York, with my husband and two children. I am an active volunteer on my synagogue’s mental health committee and have helped bring speakers and resources to create a more inclusive and caring community. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching cheesy rom-coms, grabbing coffee or tea with friends, attending local festivals and markets, dancing, yoga, and SUP with my kiddos.

schedule with Rachel:

As a woman, if you are seeking support for all the challenges that go along with your life, I can help! Don't let fear hold you back from getting the support you deserve. Follow the steps below to get scheduled for a session today:

  1. Contact us today for a free 20-minute phone consultation

  2. Start your journey towards a more balanced life!

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