improve your self-esteem and learn coping strategies through meaningful connections with others!

For anxious or isolated millennials who are ready to go from a lack of fulfilling relationships to meaningful connections with others in a safe, supportive online group.
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if this sounds like you:

  • Feeling isolated, sitting at home, wanting to connect with others but not sure how

  • Difficulty completing your work or school tasks due to overwhelm

  • Wanting to take care of yourself but are unable to get started

Our Online Meaningful Connections Group is the most effective way to take you from lonely and anxious to:

  • Flourishing in relationships while still staying true to yourself

  • Understanding why focusing on others instead of yourself actually ISN'T the answer and learning how to prioritize yourself with peer support

  • Knowing how to manage your time and motivate yourself to get things done

  • Feeling really good about yourself so you can enjoy connections with others and take back your life 


I'm Leah Sadeghi. I help millennials like you go from lonely and worried to confident in getting tasks done and connecting with others so that your relationships can thrive!

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