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These supervisors are now at Firelight Supervision!

Catalyss Counseling Supervision Program is NOW Firelight Supervision! 

Visit us at to check out our supervisors, supervision and consultation services and groups, and learn more about how we are supporting mental health specialists with professional development! Same great supervisors, new name.

Schedule your free phone consultation with the Clinical Supervisor/Consultant of your choice! Unsure about who to schedule with? Start with scheduling a call with our Admin Assistant at Firelight Supervision, and we can chat about finding the best fit clinical supervisor to meet your needs.

Helpful Colorado Resources:

Supervision For Pre-Licensed Therapists:

Just looking for information on getting licensed? Or unsure what you need to do to obtain your candidate's license, what type(s) of supervision count towards your supervised hours, or other licensure questions?


Check out the information below for basic questions/FAQs about your associated license type! Knowing this information can save us time so that when we do start to work together, you can make the most of your clinical supervision/consultation time.

LPCC/LPC Information:

LSW/LCSW Information:

Addictions Counseling Information:

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