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A Grief Support Group to Share and process the pain of your loss so you can live purposefully again

For adults who are grieving the loss of a loved one who are ready to go from lonely and distraught to
feeling at peace.
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if you have been:

  • Losing faith in life's meaning and purpose

  • Withdrawing from social contact and avoiding your family and friends

  • Feeling as if nothing is pleasurable anymore

  • Lonely, sad, angry, or feeling guilty most of the time after your loss

Our Grief Support Group is the most effective way to take you from feeling empty and hopeless to:

  • Finding peace after your loss without sacrificing the memory of your loved one

  • Understanding why withdrawing from others and going through your pain alone actually ISN’T the answer and how you can reconnect with your loved ones with peer support

  • Returning to taking care of yourself while learning strategies to get through the day

  • Sharing the emotional pain of your loss while still protecting yourself

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I'm Alicia Kwande, an experienced bereavement counselor. I help adults just like you go from grieving and sad to acceptance of your loss so that you can reconnect with your loved ones and enjoy life again.

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hesitant about groups?

We understand. Groups can be intimidating. Joining a bunch of people you don't know can cause you some anxiety! Just know that every other person who is joining the group likely feels the same way. We also talk about our anxiety in joining a group during the group session itself, as a way to promote connections between group members.


And did you know that research shows that group counseling is as effective as individual counseling for a variety of issues, including grief and loss? We've even written articles on this. Check out our blog 10 Reasons a Grief Support Group Might Be For You.

If you're still hesitant to join our Grief Support Group, or unsure how this group can help you, you can contact us for a free 20 minute phone consultation. Our Scheduling Coordinator will work with you to determine if the Grief Support Group is the best fit for you, or if individual counseling may also be recommended

Here at Catalyss Counseling, we strongly believe that group support can help you through your grief after your loss. Some benefits of joining our Grief Support Group include connecting with others who have lost a loved one so you don't feel so alone, getting a built-in support system, and joining the online group from the comfort of your own home. We know this process is hard, so make it a bit easier on yourself by trying out this group!

Other Therapy Services Offered by Catalyss Counseling:

Group counseling after a significant loss can help you process your grief. We know the Grief Support Group is a great way to get the caring support you need right now. But we know that group counseling may not be the only treatment you want, and we want to meet all your counseling needs throughout Colorado. So our caring therapists also provide individual anxiety treatment, depression counseling, grief and loss therapy, caregiver stress, online therapy, and more. Some of our therapists also specialize in trauma and PTSD, EMDR for Trauma, pregnancy, postpartum depression and anxiety, birth trauma, and pregnancy loss. We also provide clinical consultation for therapists! We look forward to connecting with you to start your journey towards healing today.

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