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New Year; Same You: Why Your Best is More than Enough

New Years Resolutions 2022. Catalyss Counseling provides treatment for depression and anxiety in Colorado through online therapy and in person counseling in the Denver area 80209 and 80210

Checking In

Happy New Year! Let’s start off with a check-in. How are you feeling at this very moment? Do you notice any physical sensations within your body?

If so, what does it feel like for you?

This can be anything from tightness of your throat, butterflies in your stomach, to feeling like you haven’t taken in enough air with each breath. There is no right or wrong sensation.

You are gently checking in with ourselves to get in touch with your body. Your physical sensations provide substantial clues into how you are feeling overall. This technique is something you can utilize at any moment. Once you have identified a sensation, see if you are able to sit with that for a few moments and take a few breaths. Try this next time you are feeling out of regulation and wanting to return to state of homeostasis or simply wanting to tune in with yourself more. You now have another tool added to your self-care arsenal, what a great start to the new year!

Changing Perceptions

Setting realistic expectations in the new year. Catalyss Counseling provides treatment for depression and anxiety in Colorado through online therapy and in person counseling in the Denver area 80209 and 80210

In starting off 2022, the adage of “New Year; New Me” typically provides a negative sentiment of not being enough as you are. It can perpetuate a narrative of needing to be different or even opposite of who you currently are to achieve your goals.

Do you feel like a new you after completing that exercise? Chances are, you probably still feel like yourself. If so, that’s great and you should give yourself a pat on the back. Connecting with yourself in more authentic ways provides a healthy framework for more sustainable habits and allows for a better relationship with ourselves.

“New Year; Same Me” reframes a negative narrative into one of continuing on with your own unique story. Stepping into each new day with the intention of feeling more firmly connected to yourself. An example of leaning more into you can look like being mindful of the mundane moments, which can be any moment that you are engaged with one of your five senses and slowing down. In doing so, those moments become theCatalyss to knowing yourself even better. You are an amalgamation of everything you’ve persevered through. That in and of itself is pretty remarkable.

Recommendations To Improve Your Connection with Self

Finding authentic self. Catalyss Counseling provides treatment for depression and anxiety in Colorado through online therapy and in person counseling in the Denver area 80209 and 80210

Armed with this increased awareness, you can work to put forth your most authentic self. If you notice you are struggling to make a connection with yourself, there a few simple things you can try:

  • Physical: This can be anything from going for a run to simply taking a few minutes to stretch.

  • Creative: This can look like doodling, painting, building Lego sculptures, or learning a new skill. The key is to be engaged with the activity not to be good or perfect.

  • Calming: Calm can look different for everyone. Getting lost in relaxing music, sitting outside looking up at the night sky, having a warm cup of tea.

Finally, seeking therapy is always a good choice. Being able to connect with a trained professional and working through your concerns is a wonderful form of self-compassion. When the time is right for you, our therapists at Catalyss Counseling have openings available and would love to get to know you, your needs, and work with you to achieve your goals.

2022 is a fantastic opportunity to lean more into yourself rather than working towards a new version.

You are more than enough as you are.

How We Can Help

We are currently enrolling for our New Year, New Intentions, New You Workshop!

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  3. Begin your journey towards a calmer, more relaxed life

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Author Biography

Marie Clyne is a licensed social worker and provider at Catalyss Counseling. Her focus centers around adults struggling with Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD. Marie's passion lies in getting to know you, who you want to be, and working together to help translate those goals into reality. Follow Catalyss Counseling on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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