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Choosing an Online Therapist in Colorado: One Size Does NOT Fit All

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Woman lying on couch with her laptop open in her legs, doing an online therapy session in Colorado with Catalyss Counseling. Our caring therapists provide online therapy and teletherapy in a safe and convenient manner located in Englewood CO and serving the Denver area 80209 and 80210

Ok, you are finally ready to reach out and seek counseling, but you’re not quite sure where to start. You know that you’re not quite ready to go see someone in-person, and you’re really fine with doing online therapy, or teletherapy. But where do you start looking? There are so many therapists in your area, although since you’re looking for online counseling ,you’re not restricted to those therapists who are close by where you live. So that means you now have the entire state of Colorado as your starting ground for searching for a therapist – talk about overwhelming!!

This article will help you narrow down the best online therapist in Colorado for you. No, I’m not going to provide you with actual names of therapists (there are too many to mention) but rather how you can narrow your search to a select list to make getting started with your counseling easier. Here are the things you want to consider when looking for the best online therapist in Colorado for you:

Trained in Online Counseling

You want to find a therapist who identifies her/himself as specializing in online counseling, meaning they have special training in how to do therapy online versus in-person. Not all therapists are comfortable or proficient in using technology as a platform for therapy, and you’ll find that many therapists do not enjoy it. You already know that therapy can be just as effective if done online as in-person, and you want a counselor who shares your sentiment. Look for a specialty page on a therapist’s website that talks about online counseling, teletherapy, or video counseling, or for a statement or paragraph somewhere on their website or online profile listing that says they specialize in this modality.

Specializes in Your Treatment Concerns

Woman lies in a large blue beanbag chair with her laptop open while searching for an online therapist. Let Catalyss Counseling be your online counseling resource for therapy in Colorado located in Englewood CO.

Now, you’re also going to want a therapist who specializes in the treatment of what you’re looking to come into counseling for. Looking for grief therapy after a devastating loss? Then you want a therapist who specializes in grief and loss. Most therapists have basic training in most treatment issues, but you want someone who has more than basic training, who really understands your pain and can give you the best outcome for your counseling investment. Again, look on a therapist’s website or online profile to see if grief and loss is mentioned specifically, and see what you think about it.

Works with Your Age Range

There are many therapists who specialize in treating a certain age range of people. For example, if you’re between the ages of 23-39, you might want to see a therapist who specializes in treating millennials. If you’re a student, you want to see someone who specializes in working with students. There are some therapists who work with all age ranges, from birth to 99, and while that’s great for that therapist, because he or she is so spread out they may not be in tune your generation and the specific issues that relate to you. Do your homework and look for someone who really gets you, through the wording on their website and online profiles.

Offers Convenient Appointments

If you can only meet in the evenings, you’ll want a therapist who offers evening appointments. Most therapists offer daytime hours, but not everyone offers evening or weekend hours. So, figure out your schedule, and if it’s flexible, then great, you’ll have more options. But if you’re like most of us, you’re extremely busy and you need someone to meet with outside of normal working hours. Therapists who offer evening and weekend appointments advertise this on their website and online profiles, so look for this too.

Man sits at kitchen table with his laptop open while doing an online counseling session at Catalyss Counseling in Englewood CO. Our caring therapists provide online therapy and teletherapy in Englewood CO 80209 and 80210

Fits your Budget

If you’re on a tight budget and need to go through your insurance, you’ll have a harder time finding an online therapist who meets all of the above criteria (specializes in online therapy and your treatment issue, works with your age range specifically, and offers evening or weekend appointments) as insurance companies have only recently started paying for online counseling. You’ll have more luck paying out of pocket and finding an online therapist who specializes in YOU and YOUR TREATMENT CONCERNS, who offers convenient appointment times, if you are able to invest more money up front in counseling. Usually the benefits of seeing a private pay therapist include more convenient appointment times and more specific specializations.

Has Openings

Yes, many therapists continue to advertise that they are taking new clients on when in fact they are so full they often don’t even call back prospective callers. If you’re going through your insurance, it’s likely you’ll have to search through a handful of therapists before you find one that has openings. To make your search easier, look on therapists’ websites to see if there’s an option to book directly online. If so, check it out and see what appointment times (if any) are available for that therapist, and that will give you a good idea of how busy they are and what appointment times they offer.

Just do it!

Now you know what you are looking for with an online therapist in Colorado! These search criteria should narrow down your search to a more manageable number, and you can call a few therapists if they offer free phone consultations to see which one you connect more with.

Looking for more helpful information?

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Other Therapy Services Available at Catalyss Counseling:

Online Therapy in Colorado can meet many of your counseling needs. But, we know that is not all you might need. So, we want to meet all of your counseling needs in the Denver area. Our supportive therapists provide depression counseling, therapy for caregiver stress, grief and loss therapy, stress management counseling and more. We also have specialists in trauma and PTSD, women's issues, pregnancy and postpartum depression or anxiety, pregnancy loss and miscarriage, and birth trauma. For therapists, we can also provide clinical supervision! We look forward to connecting with you to help support your journey today.

Author Biography

Shannon Heers is the owner of Catalyss Counseling in Englewood CO, serving all of Colorado through online therapy and in person counseling.

Shannon Heers is a psychotherapist, guest blogger, and owner of Catalyss Counseling in Englewood, CO. Shannon helps adults in professional careers manage anxiety, depression, work-life balance, and grief and loss. Follow Catalyss Counseling on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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