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Exploring the Relationship Process Group for Healthier Relationships

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

relationship process group in Colorado

Do you notice the same toxic patterns repeating themselves in your relationships, either platonic or romantic? Maybe you simply struggle to be open and vulnerable with others in your life and feel isolated. Whatever interpersonal difficulties you are dealing with, it may seem impossible to actually change. If you resonate with these feelings, a Relationship Process Group might be the most effective way to heal, even if it sounds scary at first.

My Personal Experience With Groups

When I was younger my therapist recommended I participate in a similar relationship process group because some of my struggles were so socially based, it seemed difficult to fully address them in individual therapy.

I hated the idea initially. I thought that it seemed so awkward to talk to a bunch of strangers and that my struggles weren’t severe enough to warrant a whole other type of therapy. I powered through these reactions and found the relationships I built became incredibly healing and the group process effective.

How Do Relationship Process Groups Work?

relationship process group

Relationship process groups, also known as interpersonal process groups, take a more hands on approach to these difficulties by putting you into a unique environment where you are able to explore your dynamics with other’s first hand.

In traditional individual therapy, you may struggle to explain and change your relationships. But in a group, you are able to explore these dynamics with other people in a similar situation.

If this sounds uncomfortable, that is a totally normal reaction! It can be hard to be open with family and friends, let alone total strangers. But isn’t that a big chunk of what you need help with?

A relationship process group will usually start off pretty relaxed, with the therapist encouraging group members to get to know each other. As individuals become more comfortable with each other, more in-depth conversations organically arise.

One of the most important aspects of a group like this is delving into the dynamics between group members. Usually, people will find that group members remind them of people in their personal life or past and will relate to them accordingly. The therapist will encourage group members to identify these patterns and explore how they feel about each other.

What are the Benefits of a Relationship Process Group?

A really wonderful aspect of these groups is that they allow you to explore different ways of interacting with people. If you normally struggle to assert yourself and make your needs known, you can try it here, within the group, without the backlash you might worry about in your personal life.

Another benefit is that genuine, supportive relationships will emerge in the group. You may find valuable support for daily life problems or deeper issues that you have struggled to explore with other people in your life.

The concept of therapy groups can seem intimidating, especially if you struggle with the issues relationship process groups are created to resolve. Keep in mind that resistance or anxiety are totally natural reactions and most others in the group will be feeling a similar way as you.

How We Can Help

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Jessica Carpenter, Intern Therapist at catalyss counseling

Liam Kirk is a Licensed Social Worker who works with adults experiencing relationship struggles, depression and anxiety. He also specializes in men’s issues, trauma and ADHD. Follow Catalyss Counseling on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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