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The Importance of Affordable Counseling Programs

An individual looking for affordable therapy options in Colorado.

Let’s face it – money is on our minds right now. It seems to be the new topic of small talk instead of talking about the weather! Times are changing and your financial life might look a lot different than it did even a few years ago. How do you look for support when financial stress is real? Answer: try exploring affordable therapy options!

The Vital Nature of Therapy and Receiving Support

Maybe you are feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed. You could be experiencing burnout or relationship issues. You’re looking for extra support but you’re not sure where to start.

When you’re sick, injured, or needing preventative care, you visit your doctor. When your car breaks down or needs maintenance, you visit your mechanic. Your mental health is a priority, too. Therapy allows you to improve your quality of life, manage stress, and live healthier.

Insurance and Therapy

An individual looking for therapy, but that is at an affordable cost.

Figuring out your insurance benefits can feel overwhelming. Often, insurance will dictate the kind of therapist you will see and for how long. What if that therapist doesn’t feel like a good fit? What if you aren’t looking for a short-term therapy relationship?

What if you don’t have insurance? Maybe you’ve searched for therapists in your area, but the cost feels equally overwhelming, especially if you have a high-deductible insurance plan. How can you connect with support that is effective AND cost-friendly?

The Value of Affordable Therapy Programs

Affordable counseling is an option you might not know about! Affordable therapy allows you to receive the support you need at a reduced rate. Some therapy practices offer a sliding scale to accommodate you and support you without you having to pay full price.

Affordable therapy doesn’t just have to be individual therapy, either. Group counseling can be another way to get cost-friendly support that works for you. The value of community and group support is invaluable when paired with the financial support you need.

You Deserve Mental Health Care

It’s normal to need support and to be concerned about costs. Life is stressful enough and the financial strains you may experience can add to the stress. Don’t compromise on taking care of yourself! If you feel like this describes you, keep reading to learn how we can help!

Get the Ball Rolling on Prioritizing Your Mental Health

An individual looking to get more information about affordable therapy options.

Life can get stressful and the prospect of finding additional support can be overwhelming. You might be thinking, can I afford therapy? Can I get the support I need, and still have it be affordable? The answer is YES.

Here at Catalyss Counseling, we understand the importance of finding a therapist that will be right for you. We offer an affordable counseling program with a sliding scale rate of $40-$80 per intake, individual therapy, or group counseling session.

Who Will I Work With, and How Will Therapy Sessions Look?

At Catalyss Counseling, in our Affordable Counseling Program, you will be working with a master’s-level social worker or counseling intern, all of which are carefully selected and supervised by our expert team. Worried about seeing an intern? Research has found that interns and new graduates tend to be the most up-to-date on counseling practices, and are the most driven towards client success. Plus, you will have an entire highly-trained team of experts supervising and providing feedback!

Don’t wait to get the support you need. I invite you to schedule a free consultation with our team so we can discuss care that will fit you best. Your health and well-being come first and foremost – and we are committed to your journey.

How We Can Help

If you are looking for general support, or if you would like to talk to someone more about how we can help you, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us today for a free 20-minute phone consultation

  2. Or, you can book directly online with the therapist of your choice

  3. Begin your journey towards a calmer, more relaxed life

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Author Biography

An therapist at Catalyss Counseling

Frankie Washofsky is a master’s-level intern therapist and a provider for the Affordable Counseling Program with Catalyss Counseling. She works with highly sensitive adults (HSPs) experiencing anxiety, depression, SAD, and ADHD. Frankie is also an avid reader and a blog author. She specializes in working with HSPs, perfectionists, and people-pleasers. Follow Catalyss Counseling on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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