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6 Ways New Moms Can Benefit From Joining A Postpartum Support Group

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Becoming a new parent can be an incredibly rewarding and joyful experience but it can also be an extremely stressful and challenging one. Despite your best efforts to prepare for parenthood, it probably feels like nothing really could have completely prepared you for the high highs, low lows, and everything in between.

Many new parents want to share how they’re really doing but, oftentimes, they don’t because of fear of being judged, misunderstood, disregarded, or disrespected. This is where joining a postpartum support group could greatly benefit you as a new mom. Having a non-judgmental and supportive space where you can mutually share your experiences, struggles, and successes can make a world of difference when you’re navigating parenthood in the postpartum period.

Let’s explore six reasons why joining a postpartum support group can greatly benefit a new mom (or any postpartum mom):

Increased Emotional Support

One of the main benefits of joining a postpartum support group is increased emotional support. Becoming a new mom can be really isolating and you can feel overwhelmed pretty quickly. Joining a postpartum support group will allow you to get the emotional support that you need from other people going through the same thing. Connection with others really begins to build as moms begin to share their own experiences with one another.

Increased Self-esteem

postpartum is hard but finding support is beneficial

Another benefit to joining a postpartum support group is that it can help increase your self-esteem. As a new mom, it can be really hard to feel confident about what you’re doing because you’ve never done it before.

It can also seem like everyone has an opinion about how, when, and what to do when it comes to almost every topic having to do with the postpartum period, postpartum recovery, and taking care of a baby. Joining a postpartum support group allows you to get the support you need from people going through the same thing. Feeling validated and understood can boost your confidence about what you’re doing.

Empowerment as a Mom

Hearing other moms talk about their stories, struggles, and challenges and how they overcame them can help you feel more competent and empowered that you can do the same. Typically, postpartum support groups will include moms with babies of different ages who are going through different stages and transitions during the first year of life.

The beauty of having a group of moms going through different stages is that those with younger babies often look to the moms with older babies for reassurance that they can and will handle whatever comes next in their journey. Those with older babies often feel happy to share their experiences and support newer moms through difficult times. Being able to both give and receive support can help new moms feel empowered and connected.

Normalization of your Experiences

When you’re able to hear other moms talking about the things that they’re going through, including challenges, struggles, and successes, it can help you feel like what you’re going through is normal and common as well. I often hear from group members, “I’m so glad you shared that…I really thought I was the only one!” This is a reminder that not only are people going through similar experiences but that it can feel so much safer and less anxiety-provoking to know that you don’t have to go through anything alone.

Sharing Information

Postpartum support is so important for new moms

Another benefit of joining a postpartum support group is information sharing and this includes you sharing information with others and others sharing information with the group. Though it may not come up in every group, there are many topics being covered during conversations in support groups including postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, feeding in general (including feeding yourself!), baby sleep, mom’s sleep, self care, changes in relationships with partners, spouses, and family members, and many other topics that are relevant to things happening the year after a baby is born.

Having a Sense of Community

A postpartum support group can offer a sense of community for many new moms. The postpartum period can feel like a very isolating time due to the demands of caring for a newborn and the physical recovery from childbirth.

It’s easy to feel cut off from the outside world and joining a postpartum support group can provide you with a sense of belonging and connection that’s essential and necessary for our mental health and overall well-being.

If you’re a new mom who’s looking for more support while adjusting to life with a newborn or infant, joining a postpartum support group might be an incredibly beneficial decision for you. A postpartum support group can not only provide you with the immediate support you need but also offer long-term benefits that extend far beyond the postpartum period.

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